Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. ALBACH, DIRK C.* AND MANFRED A. FISCHER. - Convergence and diversity in annual members of Veronica (Scrophulariaceae).
  2. ALEXANDER, J. ANDREW* AND AARON LISTON. - Tests of recombinant speciation in Astragalus. [Poster]
  3. ALICE, LAWRENCE A.* AND AMBER HOGART. - Phylogeny of Rubus (Rosaceae) based on Granule-Bound Starch Synthase I (GBSSI) gene sequences.
  4. ALVAREZ, AIDA* AND KENNETH CAMERON. - Phylogenetic analysis of Gomphichis and the subtribe Prescottiinae (Orchidaceae).
  5. ANDRUS, NICOLE*, DAVID BOGLER, ALAN TYE, GERALD GUALA, AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. - Preliminary Molcular Evidence for the Origin of Darwiniothamnus (Asteraceae).
  6. ANDRUS, NICOLE. - Molecular evidence for a potential biogeographical connection between the Canary Islands and the Island of Socotra. [Poster]
  7. ARCHAMBAULT, ANNIE* AND ANNE BRUNEAU. - How useful is the LEAFY gene for the phylogeny reconstruction in the Caesalpinioideae?
  8. ARIAS, SALVADOR*, TERESA TERRAZAS, AND KENNETH M. CAMERON. - Phylogeny of Pachycereus (Cactaceae) based in molecular data. [Poster]
  9. BADR, ABDELFATTAH*, HANAA H. EL SHAZLY, HADDAD EL RABEY, AND LINDA E. WATSON. - DNA amplified fragment length polymorphisms and the relationships of Lathyrus(Fabaceae).
  10. BALDWIN, BRUCE G. - Phylogeography and major range disjunctions of the rare, granite endemic Carlquistia muirii (Compositae—Madiinae): Ancient long-distance dispersal or surfing on the Salinian Block?
  11. BARBER, JANET C.*, LILIANA M. GIUSSANI, AND ELIZABETH A. KELLOGG. - Phylogeny of Poaceae subfamily Panicoideae based on sequences of phytochrome B, a low-copy nuclear gene.
  12. BARKMAN, TODD J. - Angiosperm phylogenetics: genomic congruence and methodological incongruence.
  13. BATEMAN, RICHARD M.* AND PETER M. HOLLINGSWORTH. - Phylogenetics of Tribe Orchideae (Orchidaceae).
  14. BATEMAN, RICHARD M.*, PETER M. HOLLINGSWORTH, JANE SQUIRRELL, JAMES H. DICKSON, AND MARK TEBBITT. - Population genetic structure, phylogeny, and breeding system in Epipactis (Orchidaceae: Neottieae).
  15. BATTERMAN, MCLYNDA R.W. AND THOMAS G. LAMMERS.* - Trichome morphology and its systematic implications in Centropogon and other genera of Lobelioideae (Campanulaceae).
  16. BAYER, RANDALL J.*, EDWARD W. CROSS, AND NEIL H. BAGNALL. - A reassessment of tribal affinities of several enigmatic genera of Australian Asteraceae, based on three chloroplast sequences.
  17. BEARDSLEY, PAUL M.*, ALAN YEN, AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD. - Patterns of speciation and the evolution of hummingbird and self-pollination in the Erythranthe clade of Mimulus (Phrymaceae)as inferred from an AFLP phylogeny.
  18. BEARDSLEY, PAUL M.*, STEVE SCHOENIG, AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD. - Radiation of Mimulus (Phrymaceae) in western North America: evolution of polyploidy, woodiness, and pollination syndromes.
  19. BECK, JAMES B.*, GUY L. NESOM, PATRICK J. CALIE, GARY I. BAIRD, RANDY L. SMALL, AND EDWARD E. SCHILLING. - Overview of Subtribe Solidagininae (Asteraceae: Astereae). [Poster]
  20. BECK, JAMES B., ROBERT F. C. NACZI*, AND PATRICK J. CALIE. - Lectotypification of the endangered species Solidago shortii (Asteraceae).
  21. BECK, JAMES B., ROBERT F. C. NACZI*, AND PATRICK J. CALIE. - Morphometrics of Solidago shortii, an endangered goldenrod from Kentucky (Asteraceae).
  22. BERGH, N G*, T A J HEDDERSON, H P LINDER, AND W J BOND. - Genetic variation in the renosterbos, Elytropappus rhinocerotis (Asteraceae) in the southwestern Cape, South Africa.
  23. BHARATHAN, G*, L RAZ, AND P WILKIN. - The true yams, Dioscorea (Dioscoreaceae): phylogenetic analysis of chloroplast nucleotide sequences. [Poster]
  24. BHARATHAN, G, T GOLIBER, J-J CHEN*, AND N SINHA. - Simple leaves, complex leaves: which way?
  25. BLATTNER, FRANK R. - Tracing allopolyploid speciation in Hordeum. [Poster]
  26. BOEREMA, DAVID, TIMOTHY M. EVANS*, AND GREGORY K. BROWN. - Phylogenetic relationships in Oönopsis (Asteraceae) based on DNA sequences from three spacer regions.
  27. BOGLER, DAVID J.*, ALEXANDRA MARRACCINI, AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. - Molecular Systematic Studies of Cycads (Cycadales): initial results based on chloroplast DNA gene spacers, ITS rDNA sequences, and DNA fingerprinting. [Poster]
  28. BOGLER, DAVID J.*, TIM RAWLINGS, AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. - Evolutionary relationships in Dasylirion (Nolinaceae): an assessment using AFLP markers.
  29. BOGLER, DAVID*, ALEXANDRA MARRACCINI, AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. - Conservation genetics of Microcycas calocoma, a rare cycad endemic to Cuba: preliminary data from RAPD and AFLP markers.
  30. BOHS, LYNN. - Phylogeny of the Cyphomandra clade of the genus Solanum (Solanaceae).
  31. BORSCH, THOMAS*, KHIDIR W. HILU, JOHN H. WIERSEMA, C. BARRE HELLQUIST, SURREY W.L. JACOBS, VOLKER WILDE, AND WILHELM BARTHLOTT. - Phylogeny and evolution of Nymphaea: integrating evidence from different genomic regions and from paleobotany.
  32. BORTIRI, ESTEBAN*, SANG-HUN OH, FANG-YOU GAO, JIANGUO JIANG, SCOTT BAGGETT, ANDREW GRANGER, CLAY WEEKS, MEGAN BUCKINGHAM, DAN POTTER, AND DAN E. PARFITT. - Phylogenetics of Prunus (Rosaceae) as determined by ITS, the chloroplast trnL-trnF spacer and s6pdh: implications for subgeneric classification, biogeography and evolution of morphology.
  33. BOYKIN, LAURA*, TIMOTHY LOWREY, AND WILLIAM POCKMAN. - Ecology and Evolution of Orcuttieae (Poaceae): An Endangered Vernal Pool Grass.
  34. BROUILLET, LUC*, GERALDINE A. ALLEN, JOHN C. SEMPLE, AND MOTOMI ITO. - ITS phylogeny of North American asters (Asteraceae : Astereae).
  35. BROWN, GREGORY K.* AND DOROTHY E. TUTHILL. - Inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) variation in three populations of Gaura neomexicana ssp. coloradensis (Onagraceae). [Poster]
  36. BUNSAWAT, JIRANAN* AND LAWRENCE A. ALICE. - Molecular Characterization and Phylogenetic Utility of nrDNA ETS Sequences in Rubus (Rosaceae). [Poster]
  37. BUTTERWORTH, CHARLES A.* AND ROBERT S. WALLACE. - Infrageneric relationships in the genus Pereskia (Cactaceae).
  38. BUTTERWORTH, CHARLES A.* AND ROBERT S. WALLACE. - What is the sister-group of the tribe Cacteae? (Cactaceae: Cactoideae).
  39. CAMERON, KENNETH M. - An exapnded phylogenetic analysis of Orchidaceae using three plastid genes: rbcL, atpB, and psaB .
  40. CAMPBELL, LISA M.*, DENNIS WM. STEVENSON, JERROLD I DAVIS, AND CHRISTOPHER R. HARDY. - Alternative hypotheses for the systematic placement of Mayaca.
  41. CANNON, CHARLES* AND PAUL MANOS. - The use of morphometric shape descriptors in relation to an independent molecular phylogeny: the case of fruit type evolution in Bornean Lithocarpus (Fagaceae). [Poster]
  42. CARLSWARD, BARBARA S.* AND W. MARK WHITTEN. - Molecular systematics of leafless Vandeae (Orchidaceae): An example from tropical America. [Poster]
  43. CARPENTER, K. J.* AND G. L. WEBSTER. - Evolution of pollen diversity in neotropical Phyllanthus (Euphorbiaceae). [Poster]
  44. CATALAN, PILAR*, PEDRO TORRECILLA, AND JOSE ANGEL LOPEZ-RODRIGUEZ. - A reclassification of within-Poeae-groups based on molecular evidence.
  45. CERROS-TLATILPA, ROSA* AND J. TRAVIS COLUMBUS. - Phylogenetics of Aristida (Gramineae) based on internal transcribed spacer sequences (nrDNA).
  46. CHAN, RAYMUND*, BRUCE G. BALDWIN, AND ROBERT ORNDUFF. - Cryptic diversity in the goldfield Lasthenia californica sensu lato (Compositae: Heliantheae sensu lato).
  47. CHANDLER, GREGORY THOMAS*, MICHAEL DOUGLAS CRISP, AND RANDALL JAMES BAYER. - Character evolution, toxicity, co-evolution, and relationships in the endemic Australian genus Gastrolobium (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae).
  48. CHASE, MARK W.*, ANTONY V. COX, SANDY KNAPP, JEFFREY JOSEPHS, AND ALEX S. PAROKONNY. - Molecular systematics, GISH, and the origin of amphidiploids in Nicotiana (Solanaceae).
  49. CHAW, SHU-MIAW*, TERRENCE W. WALTERS, SHARON S. HU, AND HSIN-HSIAO CHEN. - Phylogeny of extant Cycadales inferred from chloroplast matK gene.
  50. CIMINO, M.T.*, L.M. BRINKAC, M.E. HOPKINS, N.A. GROSS, AND R.A. BEVER. - Molecular systematic analysis of botanical trace eividence.
  51. CIOFANI, KRISTEN, LYDIA MIRAMONTES, AND RICHARD JENSEN.* - Morphometric analyses of red maple (Acer rubrum L.), silver maple (Acer saccharinum L.), and their hybrid (Acer X freemanii E. Murray).
  52. CLARK, JOHN L. - Preliminary phylogeny of Alloplectus (Gesneriaceae) based on morphology and ITS sequence data.
  53. CLEMENT, WENDY L.*, LAURA L. FORREST, AND SUSAN M. SWENSEN. - Phylogenetic placement of Hillebrandia sandwichensis (Begoniaceae). [Poster]
  54. CLINEBELL II, RICHARD R. AND PETER C. HOCH.* - Pollination of Gaura villosa (Onagraceae) by antlions (Neuroptera).
  55. COLUMBUS, J. TRAVIS* AND ERIC H. ROALSON. - Phylogenetics of Hilaria and Pleuraphis (Gramineae: Chloridoideae).
  56. CONSAUL, LAURIE L.* AND LYNN J. GILLESPIE. - Preliminary morphological and molecular analyses on alkali grasses (Puccinellia, Poaceae) in the Canadian arctic archipelago.
  57. CORTES, ROCIO*, PIERO G. DELPRETE, AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. - Systematics of Retiniphyllum (Rubiaceae). [Poster]
  58. COSKUN, FATIH* AND CLIFFORD R. PARKS. - Biogeography and Phylogeny of the genus Osmanthus (Oleaceae):evidence from nuclear ribosomal ITS DNA Sequences.
  59. COSKUN, FATIH*, JIANHUA LI, AND CLIFFORD R. PARKS. - Molecular systematics and biogeography of the genus Tilia (Tiliaceae).
  60. COSTELLO, ANNEMARIE* AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. - Systematics of the Tetraplasandra group (Araliaceae) using molecular and morphological data.
  61. CRAWFORD, DANIEL J.*, REBECCA T. KIMBALL, AND MESFIN TADESSE. - Relationships in subtribe Coreopsidinae (Asteraceae: Heliantheae): insights from ITS sequences.
  62. CRAWFORD, PHILLIP T* AND WAYNE J. ELISENS. - Systematics of native North American Linaria (Scrophulariaceae).
  63. CROSS, HUGH B.*, RAFAEL LIRA SAADE, ISELA RODRIGUEZ AREVALO, AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. - Molecular phylogenetics of the tribe Sicyeae (Cucurbitaceae).
  64. DAVIS, CHARLES C. - Madagasikaria (Malpighiaceae): an exciting new discovery form Madagascar, with important implications for floral evolution within Malpighiaceae.
  65. DAVIS, CHARLES C.*, WILLIAM R. ANDERSON, AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE. - Phylogeny of Malpighiaceae: evidence from chloroplast ndhF and trnL-F nucleotide sequences.
  66. DAVIS, J.I.*, D.WM. STEVENSON, L. CAMPBELL, D. GOLDMAN, C. HARDY, F. MICHELANGELI, M. SIMMONS, AND C. SPECHT. - Phylogenetic relationships among the monocots, as inferred from morphology and nucleotide sequence variation in three genes.
  67. DELPRETE, PIERO G.* AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. - Molecular Systematics of the Chiococceae-Catesbaeeae Complex (Rubiaceae): Flower and Fruit Evolution and Systematic Implications.
  68. DEVORE, MELANIE L.*, JOHN J. SKVARLA, ZAIMING ZHAO, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN. - Comparisons of Tubuliforidites and pollen types within Asteraceae and related families: How do you recognize Asteraceae in the fossil record?
  69. DICKINSON, TIMOTHY A. - What IS Suksdorf's hawthorn?
  70. DILLON, MICHAEL O. - Biogeography and diversity of the Solanaceae in the lomas formations of Chile and Peru.
  71. DOYLE, JEFF J.*, JANE L. DOYLE, JASON T. RAUSCHER, REID G. PALMER, AND TONY BROWN. - Dissecting an extensive polyploid complex in Glycine subgenus Glycine (Leguminosae) using low copy nuclear genes, nuclear ribosomal genes, and chloroplast sequences.
  72. DUVALL, MELVIN R., JEFFREY D. NOLL*, AND ALEXANDRA H. MINN. - Phylogenetics of Paniceae (Poaceae).
  73. EDDIE, W. M.* AND C. N. CUPIDO. - Some observations on the reproductive morphology of the wahlenbergioid genera of the family Campanulaceae s.str.from the fynbos vegetation of South Africa.
  74. EDDIE, W. M.*, T. SHULKINA, J. GASKIN, R. HABERLE, AND R. K. JANSEN. - Reconstruction of the phylogeny of the Campanulaceae s.str. using ITS sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA.
  75. EVANS, RODGER C.* AND CHRISTOPHER S. CAMPBELL. - Phylogenetic insights into the Maloideae (Rosaceae) from the granule-bound starch synthase I (GBSSI) gene.
  76. FAN, CHUANZHU* AND (JENNY) QIU-YUN XIANG. - Systematic Affinities of Two Enigmatic African Families, Grubbiaceae and Hydrostachyaceae - Evidence from Nuclear 26S rDNA Sequence Data.
  77. FAY, MICHAEL F.*, KATE BORLAND, PENELOPE STRANC, AND MARK W. CHASE. - Phylogenetics of the genusTulipa(Liliaceae): evidence from five plastid DNA regions.
  78. FAYETTE, KIM* AND LEO P. BRUEDERLE. - Morphometric analyses support specific status for Eutrema penlandii Rollins (Brassicaceae).
  79. FISHBEIN, MARK*, ROBERTA J. MASON-GAMER, DEBORAH J. HOPP, ERIN DOUTHIT, AND STEVEN P. LYNCH. - Phylogeny of North American Asclepias estimated from non-coding chloroplast (rpl16 intron and trnC-rpoB spacer) DNA sequences.
  80. FREUDENSTEIN, JOHN V.* AND MARK P. SIMMONS. - Artifacts of coding amino acids and other composite characters for phylogenetic analysis.
  81. FREUDENSTEIN, JOHN V.*, CASSIO VAN DEN BERGH, W. MARK WHITTEN, KENNETH M. CAMERON, DOUGLAS H. GOLDMAN, AND MARK W. CHASE. - A multi-locus combined analysis of Epidendroideae (Orchidaceae).
  82. FRITSCH, PETER W.*, CHARLES C. DAVIS, JIANHUA LI, AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE. - The phylogeny and historical biogeography of Cercis: evidence from ITS and ndhF DNA sequences.
  83. FUNK, V. A.* AND HYIGYUNG KIM. - An evaluation of the proposed sister group relationships of the tribe Liabeae (Compositae).
  84. GAILING, OLIVER* AND KONRAD BACHMANN. - Evolutionary reduction of inner pollen sacs (microsporangia) within the asteracean genus Microseris: a model system for the evolution of diagnostic characters.
  85. GARCIA, VICENTE F.* AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD. - Phylogenetic relationships of the Australian tribe Anthocercideae (Solanaceae) based on chloroplast DNA sequences.
  86. GARDNER-SILL, C. S. - Characteristics from living flowers improve classification of Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae).
  87. GILLESPIE, LYNN J. AND ROBERT J. SORENG.* - A phylogenetic analysis of Poa (Poaceae) based on cpDNA restriction site data: DNA variation versus morphological divergence.
  88. GILLESPIE, LYNN J.*, SAOOD OMER, AND ROBERT J. SORENG. - Chloroplast DNA restriction site variation in North American Poa section Poa.
  89. GOERTZEN, LESLIE R.*, JAMIE J. CANNONE, ROBIN R. GUTELL, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN. - ITS secondary structure derived from comparative analysis: implications for sequence alignment and phylogeny in the Asteraceae.
  90. GONZALEZ, DOLORES* AND ANDREW P. VOVIDES. - Low interspecific divergence in the genus Ceratozamia (Zamiaceae) detected with nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS, and chloroplast DNA trnL-F non-coding region as indication of recent speciation. [Poster]
  91. GOODSON, BARBARA E.*, JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA, JAVIER FUERTES-AGUILAR, ARNOLDO SANTOS-GUERRA, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN. - Phylogenetic relationships of endemic species of Crambe sect. Dendrocrambe (Brassicaceae) in Macaronesia based on chloroplast DNA restriction site data.
  92. GRAHAM, SEAN W.*, DONNA CHERNIAWSKY, VINCENT L. BIRON, AND HARDEEP S. RAI. - Commelinoid monocot phylogeny revisited, using a large chloroplast data set.
  93. GRIFFITH, M. PATRICK. - Natural Interspecific Hybridization in Opuntia of the Northern Chihuahuan Desert Region.
  94. GROSE, SUSAN O.* AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD. - Phylogenetic analysis of Crescentieae and Tabebuia s.l. (Bignoniaceae). [Poster]
  95. GROSS, BRIANA*, KARI ROLLENHAGEN, JAMIE MELLOR, AND SUSAN KEPHART. - Species boundaries in Camassia: Analysis of a putative hybrid zone. [Poster]
  96. GUALA, GERALD*, DAVID BOGLER, JAMES SADLE, AND JAVIER FRANCISCO ORTEGA. - Polyphyly in the Brazilian bamboo genus Apoclada (Poaceae: Bambusoideae).
  97. HALL, PAULA M.*, TIMOTHY K. LOWREY, AND DIANE L. MARSHALL. - Phylogenetic relationship and breeding system evolution in Callirhoe (Malvaceae). [Poster]
  98. HARDIG, T. M.*, PAMELA S. SOLTIS, DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS, AND RYAN B. HUDSON. - Diploid hybrid speciation in Ceanothus: morphomolecular analysis of two putative hybrid species adn their proposed parent species.
  99. HARDY, CHRISTOPHER R.*, JERROLD I DAVIS, ROBERT B. FADEN, AND DENNIS W. STEVENSON. - Phylogenetics of Cochliostema, Geogenanthus, and an undescribed genus (Commelinaceae) using morphology and DNA sequence data from 26S, 5S-NTS, rbcL, and trnL-F loci.
  100. HAYNES, ROBERT R.*, CHARLOTTE LINDQVIST, AND VICTOR A. ALBERT. - Molecular systematics of Potamogeton (Potamogetonaceae).
  101. HAZLE, THOMAS* AND JUDITH M. CANNE-HILLIKER. - Ontogenetic floral evolution of Mimulus lewisii and M. cardinalis(formerly Scrophulariaceae, s.l.): Allometry and morphology.
  102. HEALY, JOHN* AND NELSON D. YOUNG. - A new computer program, GapCoder allows inclusion of indels as characters in phylogenetic analysis. [Poster]
  103. HEARN, DAVID JOHN. - Growth form evolution in Adenia and correlations with phytochemistry.
  104. HELFGOTT, D. MEGAN* AND BERYL B. SIMPSON. - Phylogenetics of Nemophila using molecular and morphological data.
  106. HOGGARD, RON*, PAUL KORES, MIA MOLVRAY, GLORIA HOGGARD, AND DAVID BROUGHTON. - Molecular systematics and biogeography of the amphibious genus Littorella (Plantaginaceae).
  107. HOLT, KATHERINE*, LEIGH A. JOHNSON, J. MARK PORTER, AND JOHN S. GARDNER. - External seed coat morphology of Gilia (Polemoniaceae) and segregate genera: comparison and correspondence with phylogenetic relationships. [Poster]
  108. HU, JER-MING*, NICOLE M. MATUREN, AND MICHAEL W. FROHLICH. - Studies of evolution and development of petaloid bracts in dogwoods (Cornus). [Poster]
  109. HUANG, MINGJUAN*, JOHN V. FREUDENSTEIN, AND DANIEL J. CRAWFORD. - Systematics of Trichostema L. (Lamiaceae): evidence from ITS, ndhF, and morphology.
  111. ICKERT-BOND, STEFANIE, M.* AND RAYMOND, J. CRANFILL. - Revisiting Stapf: Phylogeny of Ephedra, insights from plastid genes and morphology.
  112. JANOVEC, JOHN P. - Monographic studies of Compsoneura, a Neotropical genus of the Myristicaceae.
  113. JANOVEC, JOHN P.*, BERRY BROSI, AND AMANDA K. NEILL. - Systematic research and the geospatial realm: examples from studies of Neotropical plants.
  114. JANSEN, ROBERT K.*, DAVID BADER, BERNARD M. E. MORET, LINDA A. RAUBESON, LI-SAN WANG, TANDY WARNOW, AND STACIA WYMAN. - New approaches for using gene order data in phylogeny reconstruction.
  115. JOBSON, RICHARD W.* AND VICTOR A. ALBERT. - Molecular rates parallel diversification contrasts between carnivorous plant sister lineages in Lentibulariaceae.
  116. KARAMAN, VESNA* AND LOWELL E. URBATSCH. - Phylogenetic analysis of Boltonia (Astereae, Asteraceae) based on nr ETS and ITS sequence data. [Poster]
  117. KEENER, BRIAN R.*, ROBERT R. HAYNES, CHARLOTTE LINDQVIST, AND VICTOR A. ALBERT. - Molecular Systematics of Sagittaria (Alismataceae).
  118. KELCH, DEAN G.* AND BRUCE G. BALDWIN. - Utility of the External Transcribed Spacer (ETS) in Compositae tribe Cardueae phylogeny reconstruction and rapid evolution of North American thistles (Cirsium species).
  119. KELCHNER, SCOT A. - Chloroplast introns in plant systematics.
  120. KIM, HYI-GYUNG*, VICKI A. FUNK, AND ELIZABETH A. ZIMMER. - Molecular phylogenetics of the Liabeae (Asteraceae-Cichorioideae) based on ITS and ndhF sequences.
  121. KIM, HYI-GYUNG*, VICKI A. FUNK, ROBERT K. JANSEN, AND ELIZABETH A. ZIMMER. - Phylogenetic relationships of Mutisieae(Asteraceae) from the Guayana Highland.
  122. KIM, SANGTAE*, CHONG-WOOK PARK, AND YOUNGBAE SUH. - Phylogeny and evolution of the Magnoliaceae implied by sequences of 10 chloroplast DNA regions.
  123. KIM, SANGTAE*, CHONG-WOOK PARK, AND YOUNGBAE SUH. - Taxonomic revision of Magnolia section Maingola Dandy (Magnoliaceae) and the multivariate analysis of Magnolia macklottii complex. [Poster]
  124. KIM, SANGTAE*, DOUGLAS, E. SOLTIS, PAMELA, S. SOLTIS, YOUNGBAE SUH, AND MICHAEL ZANIS. - Phylogeny of early-diverging eudicots based on multiple genes: rbcL, atpB, 18S and 26S rDNA sequences. [Poster]
  125. KNOX, ERIC B.* AND A. MUTHAMA MUASYA. - The phylogeny and biogeography of the Lobeliaceae based on the chloroplast genes atpB and rbcL and their intergenic spacer sequence.
  126. KOUKOL, SCOTT R.* AND CURTIS CLARK. - Comparative anatomy of the leaves and stems of Encelia (Asteraceae: Heliantheae). [Poster]
  127. KRON, KATHLEEN A.* AND E. ANN POWELL. - Phylogenetic relationships within the blueberry tribe (Vaccinieae, Ericaceae) based on matK and nrITS sequence data.
  128. LAMMERS, THOMAS G. - Neotropical Lobelioideae (Campanulaceae): more new species, more new characters.
  129. LARA-CABRERA, SABINA, CELESTE RAKER, AND DAVID M. SPOONER.* - Utility of microsatellites in wild potatoes.
  130. LEE, BYOUNG-YOON* AND CHONG-WOOK PARK. - A phylogeny of family Apiaceae genus Daucus derived from morphological characters: preliminary investigations. [Poster]
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  132. LEE, JOONGKU*, BRUCE G. BALDWIN, AND L. D. GOTTLIEB. - A molecular phylogenetic reexamination of the western North American subtribes Stephanomeriinae and Microseridinae (Compositae--Lactuceae).
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  135. LEVIN, RACHEL A.* AND LUCINDA A. MCDADE. - The utility of floral and vegetative fragrance for phylogenetic inference in three genera of Nyctaginaceae.
  136. LI, CHANGBAO*, DAMING ZHANG, SONG GE, DE-YUAN HONG, AND TAO SANG. - Genomic in situ hybridization: A useful tool for understanding genome evolution of Oryza (Poaceae).
  137. LI, GUIQIN* AND YINGLIN MU. - Microsporogenesis observation and karyotype analysis of some species in genus Juglans L..
  138. LI, JIANHUA*, JOHN H. ALEXANDER III, TOM WARD, PETER DEL TREDICI, AND ROB NICHOLSON. - Phylogeny and biogeography of the Empetraceae based on sequences of nuclear and chloroplast genes. [Poster]
  139. LI, JIANHUA*, JOHN H. ALEXANDER III, AND DONGLIN ZHANG. - The genus Syringa (Oleaceae) is paraphyletic: evidence from sequences of nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS and ETS regions. [Poster]
  140. LI, JIANHUA*, PETER DEL TREDICI, SHIXIONG YANG, AND MICHAEL J. DONOGHUE. - Phylogenetic relationships and biogeography of Stewartia (Camellioideae, Theaceae) inferred from nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS sequences. [Poster]
  141. LIM, CHAE EUN* AND CHONG-WOOK PARK. - Hybridization in Aconitum subgenus Aconitum (Ranunculaceae) at Mt. Sobaek in Korea inferred from morphology and flavonoid chemistry. [Poster]
  142. LINDEMUTH, RALF*, NORA WIRTZ, IMKE SCHMITT, AND H. THORSTEN LUMBSCH. - Evolution of filamentous Ascomycetes inferred from multiple-gene-analyses. [Poster]
  143. LINDQVIST, CHARLOTTE* AND VICTOR A. ALBERT. - A high elevation ancestry for the Usambara Mountains and lowland populations of African violets (Saintpaulia, Gesneriaceae).
  144. LINDQVIST, CHARLOTTE* AND VICTOR A. ALBERT. - The Hawaiian endemic mints are derived within North American Stachys (Lamiaceae).
  145. LOWREY, TIMOTHY K.*, RICHARD WHITKUS, JOY AVRITT, AND CHRISTOPHER J. QUINN. - Sex expression, compatibility and crossing relationships in the Vittadinia group (Asteraceae).
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