Several genera exhibit biogeographical disjunctions between the Canary Islands-Morocco and East Africa-South Arabia [i.e. Canarina (Campanulaceae), Campylanthus (Scrophulariaceae), Hemicrambe, (Brassicaceae)]. These disjunctions represent the remnants of a continuous vegetation that spread along North Africa before the formation of the Sahara Desert. The genus Vieraea (Asteraceae:Inuleae) is a monotypic genus restricted to ancient areas of the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands); based on morphological grounds this genus has been suggested to be closely related to one species of Pulicaria endemic to the island of Socotra south of Yemen (P.vieraoides). A molecular systematic study based on ITS sequences of the nuclear ribosomal DNA was conducted to test the validity of this potential connection. This study includes a broad selection of genera of the tribe Inuleae.

Key words: Canary Islands, Socotra