At least 10 major clades have been identified within the genus Solanum. One of these, the Cyphomandra clade, consists of members of Solanum sections Pachyphylla (former genus Cyphomandra; ca. 35 spp.), Cyphomandropsis (13 spp.), and Glaucophyllum (1 sp.). Molecular data indicate that the Cyphomandra clade forms a well-supported monophyletic group, but its sister group is still unclear. All species of this clade investigated to date have large chromosomes and large amounts of nuclear DNA. ITS sequence data were used to examine phylogenetic relationships among ca. 30 species of the clade. Solanum sections Pachyphylla and Cyphomandropsis do not appear to be monophyletic as currently circumscribed. About six discrete clades can be discerned within the Cyphomandra group. Many of these clades are not congruent with the species groups recognized in sections Pachyphylla and Cyphomandropsis on the basis of morphology. ITS data support the hypothesis that the Bolivian species S. roseum, S. unilobum, and S. maternum are the closest wild relatives of the tree tomato, S. betaceum.

Key words: Cyphomandra, Cyphomandropsis, ITS, Pachyphylla, Solanaceae, Solanum