The subfamily Aurantioideae is one of seven subfamilies of the Rutaceae (Engler 1931). It is comprised of 33 genera divided into two tribes, the Clauseneae, containing five genera and the Citreae, containing 28 genera. Each of these two tribes are divided into three subtribes (Swingle 1943). Of the 33 genera belonging to Aurantioideae, 29 are native to the Monsoon region extending from west Pakistan to the western Polynesian Islands. Five genera are native to tropical Africa and only one genus, Clausena, is native to both the Monsoon region and tropical Africa. We analyzed cladistically ITS DNA (nuclear) sequences for 19 genera representing both tribes and most subtribes of the subfamily. The resulting tree support that the Aurantioideae are monophyletic, but indicate that the tribes and subtribes need re-circumscription. These results are in general agreement with Greger et al. unpublished data from the plastid atp/rbcL spacer region.

Key words: Aurantioideae, ITS, Rutaceae