Pollen from 19 taxa of the genus Filipendula Adans., were examined using light and scanning electron microscopy. The pollen morphology supported Shimizu's system (1961) in which the genus was classified into 3 subgenera and 4 sections. Subgen. Hypogyna is well distinguished from the other two subgenera by lacking a thick margined, protruded, vestibulate pore and an acutely tipped colpus with prominent costae colpi, and subgen. Filipendula by having large grain and pore size, and a longitudinally elliptic vestibulum. Within subgen. Ulmaria, sect. Ulmaria is distinguished from the other sections by having a scabrate-microechinate surface, sect. Albicoma by having a gradually thickened colpus margin, sect. Sessilia by having a relatively short colpus and sect. Schalameya by lacking all these characters.

Key words: Filipendula, palynology, Rosaceae, systematics