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List of Abstracts received so far, by title:

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  1. A of the ABC model: phylogeny of the AP1-like gene family, The. - LITT, AMY* AND VIVIAN IRISH. [D]
  2. Accelerating the pace of allelic diversity: the role of transposable elements. - WALBOT, VIRGINIA. [Z-symposium]
  3. Acer section Palmata in the leaf fossil record. - MCCLAIN, AMY M. [F]
  4. Agriculture Education in India. - PATIL, M.S.* AND S.K. DESHPANDE. [T]
  5. Agrobiodiversity of Armenia. - FAYVUSH, GEORGE. [B]
  6. Albizia lebbeck Benth.: In Vitro Regeneration via Embryogenesis, Karyotypic Analysis and SEM studies. - GHOSH, NABARUN*, A. CHATTERJEE, AND DON W. SMITH. [D]
  7. Allozyme variation within and among populations of the introduced plant Poa bulbosa (Poaceae). - NOVAK, STEPHEN J.* AND ANGELA Y. WELFLEY. [G]
  8. Alternative hypotheses for the systematic placement of Mayaca. - CAMPBELL, LISA M.*, DENNIS WM. STEVENSON, JERROLD I DAVIS, AND CHRISTOPHER R. HARDY. [S]
  9. Amino acid vs. nucleotide characters: challenging preconceived notions. - SIMMONS, MARK P.*, HELGA OCHOTERENA, AND JOHN V. FREUDENSTEIN. [S]
  10. Analysis of growth requirements of locally rare bladderworts (Utricularia spp.; Lentibulariaceae). - MCDERMOTT, MATTHEW AND DOUGLAS W. DARNOWSKI.* [P]
  11. Anatomical/ecological studies of rare species in Arasbaran's protected area in Iran. - ZARINKAMAR, FATEMEH. [D]
  12. Anatomy of the ovulate cupules of Umkomasia (Corystospermales) from the Triassic of Antarctica. - KLAVINS, SHARON D.*, EDITH L. TAYLOR, AND THOMAS N. TAYLOR. [F]
  13. Ancient genome duplications in the angiosperms: lessons from Arabidopsis. - VISION, TODD J*, DANIEL G BROWN, AND STEVEN D TANKSLEY. [G]
  14. Angiosperm fruits and seeds from the Eocene of Vancouver Island. - LITTLE, STEFAN A.*, RUTH A. STOCKEY, AND GRAHAM BEARD. [F]
  15. Angiosperm phylogenetics: genomic congruence and methodological incongruence. - BARKMAN, TODD J. [S]
  16. Angiosperm phylogeny and morphology: characterisations of "all" clades of subfamilies and above. - STEVENS, PETER F. [S]
  18. Anisophylleaceae and Cunoniaceae: Why are their flowers so similar? - MATTHEWS, MERRAN L.*, PETER K. ENDRESS, JÜRG SCHÖNENBERGER, AND ELSE MARIE FRIIS. [S]
  19. Antagonistic selection in complex environments: adaptive plasticity to UV vs. competition. - WEINIG, CYNTHIA* AND JOHANNA SCHMITT. [E]
  20. Anthocyanins in leaves: history, phylogeny and development. - LEE, DAVID W. [C-symposium]
  21. Antioxidant strategies of red versus green leaves. - NEILL, SAMUEL O.*, KEVIN S. GOULD, PAUL A. KILMARTIN, KENNETH R. MARKHAM, AND KEVIN A. MITCHELL. [P]
  22. Apogamy in Psilotum and Tmesipteris. - WHITTIER, DEAN P. [O]
  23. Apomixis in ferns: A consequence of marginal habitats and outcrossing? - WINDHAM, MICHAEL D.* AND CHRISTOPHER H. HAUFLER. [O-symposium]
  24. Architectural integration of traits and plasticity in simulated plants. - WONG, THEODORE G. [E-symposium]
  25. Are nectar traits associated with pollination syndrome in wild tobaccos (Nicotiana, Solanaceae)? - KACZOROWSKI, RAINEE* AND TIM HOLTSFORD. [E]
  26. Artifacts of coding amino acids and other composite characters for phylogenetic analysis. - FREUDENSTEIN, JOHN V.* AND MARK P. SIMMONS. [S]
  27. Artocarpus (Moraceae) molecular phylogeny and the systematics and origins of breadfruit, Artocarpus altilis. - ZEREGA, NYREE CONARD* AND TIMOTHY J. MOTLEY. [S]
  28. Ascomycetes in the Rhynie chert. - TAYLOR, THOMAS*, HAGEN HASS, HANS KERP, AND MICHAEL KRINGS. [F]
  29. ASPT Colloquium: Evolution, biogeography and systematics of Begoniaceae. - SWENSEN, SUSAN M.* AND MARK C. TEBBITT. [S-symposium]
  30. Assessing the earliest putative land plant remains - Cambrian cryptospores. - TAYLOR, WILSON A. [F]
  31. Assessing the potential for genetic resistance to beech bark disease in Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. (Fagaceae). - MORRIS, ASHLEY B. [E]
  32. Austral biogeography: the evolution of subalpine Ourisia (Veronicaceae/Scrophulariaceae s.l.) in a phylogenetic context. - MEUDT, HEIDI M.* AND BERYL B. SIMPSON. [S]
  33. Axiomatic tree biomass allocation pattern: derivation and verification, An. - NIKLAS, KARL J.* AND BRIAN J. ENQUIST. [E]
  34. Barriers to reproductive success of tetraploid snow buttercups (Ranunculus adoneus) due to interference from diploid plants. - BAACK, ERIC J. [E]
  35. Begoniaceae and the Cucurbitales: A morphological phylogenetic analysis. - BROUILLET, LUC. [S-symposium]
  36. Biodeterioration of Rock Art and Issues in Site Preservation. - TRATEBAS, ALICE M. [L-symposium]
  37. Biodiversity, conservation and molecular phylogenies in the laurel forest of the Canary Islands: The case of a critically endangered taxon of Sambucus. - TRUSTY, JENNIFER L.*, ARNOLDO SANTOS-GUERRA, TORTSTEN ERIKSSON, AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. [S]
  38. Biogeographic patterns of Antillean Lythraceae. - GRAHAM, SHIRLEY A. [S-symposium]
  39. Biogeography and diversity of the Solanaceae in the lomas formations of Chile and Peru. - DILLON, MICHAEL O. [S]
  40. Biogeography and Phylogeny of the genus Osmanthus (Oleaceae):evidence from nuclear ribosomal ITS DNA Sequences. - COSKUN, FATIH* AND CLIFFORD R. PARKS. [S]
  41. Biogeography and phylogeny of Caribbean plants. - MCDOWELL, TIMOTHY D.* AND PETER W. FRITSCH. [S-symposium]
  42. Biogeography of Acacia subgenus Acacia in the Caribbean and neotropics based on ITS nrDNA sequences and cpDNA restriction site mapping. - CLARKE, H. DAVID. [S-symposium]
  43. Biogeography of South American Jaltomata (Solanaceae), The. - MIONE, THOMAS*, SEGUNDO LEIVA G., AND DONALD H. LES. [S]
  44. Biogeography of the Cuban Asteraceae. - HERRERA, PEDRO. [S-symposium]
  45. Biogeography of the Goetzeoideae (Solanaceae). - SANTIAGO-VALENTIN, EUGENIO* AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD. [S-symposium]
  46. Biological reality of species: gene flow, selection, and collective evolution, The. - RIESEBERG, LOREN H.* AND JOHN BURKE. [G]
  47. Biomechanics and anatomy of Pachycereus pringlei root systems. - NIKLAS, K. J.*, F. MOLINA-FREANER, C. TINOCO-OJANGUREN, AND D. J. PAOLLILO, JR. [D]
  48. Biotech potential of algae colonizing oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico: risks and rewards, The. - CHAPMAN, RUSSELL L.*, JUAN M. LOPEZ-BAUTISTA, SUZANNE FREDERICQ, AND DEBRA A. WATERS. [A]
  49. Botany in European fairy tales. - VERHOEK, SUSAN. [B]
  50. Breeding of varieties free from gene of hybrid necrosis. - BOGDANOVA, ELIZAVETA DMITRIEVNA*, KIRILL L'VOVICH GOSTENKO, AND KARINA KHAMIDOVNA MAKHMUDOVA. [G]
  51. Bridging Western science and Indigenous science: Ethnobiology and cross-cultural conservation collaborations in the binational Southwest. - NABHAN, GARY P. [Z-symposium]
  52. Bryophyte rehydrin trackable marker for the evolution of desiccation tolerance, A. - OLIVER, MELVIN J.*, JOHN A. WHEELER, BRENT D. MISHLER, AND JEFF VELTEN. [L]
  53. Calcium oxalate crystals in the tribe Gossypieae and the genus Gossypium (cotton). - SHOCKEY, KARA M.*, HARRY T. HORNER, AND JONATHAN F. WENDEL. [D]
  54. Calorimetric Studies of Desert Soil Crust Metabolism in Response to Temperature and Water. - WALKER, JILLIAN LEIGH*, T. THYGERSON, BRUCE SMITH, LEE HANSEN, R. CRIDDLE, AND ROSEMARY PENDLETON. [P]
  55. Canopy exchange and functional trade-offs in bryophytes. - RICE, STEVEN K.* AND SCOTT ROBINSON. [L-symposium]
  56. Caribbean Bontia daphnoides and its Australian family Myoporaceae (Lamiales): evidence of an extreme dispersal event from morphological data and rpl16 intron sequences, The. - KELCHNER, SCOT A.*, JUDY G. WEST, MIKE C. CRISP, AND ROBERT J. CHINNOCK. [S-symposium]
  57. Cauliflory: seeing the flowers for the trees. - ZJHRA, MICHELLE L. [S]
  58. Character evolution, toxicity, co-evolution, and relationships in the endemic Australian genus Gastrolobium (Fabaceae: Mirbelieae). - CHANDLER, GREGORY THOMAS*, MICHAEL DOUGLAS CRISP, AND RANDALL JAMES BAYER. [S]
  59. Characteristics from living flowers improve classification of Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae). - GARDNER-SILL, C. S. [S]
  60. Chemistry of Acarospora subgenus Xanthothallia (Lichenized Ascomycete, Lecanorales) in Southwestern North America, The. - SCHOENINGER, ROBIN*, THOMAS H. NASH, AND JACK A. ELIX. [L]
  61. Chloroplast DNA molecular study of the phylogenetic relationships of members of the Caesalpinia group (Caesalpinieae: Caesalpinioideae: Fabaceae), A. - WEEKS, ANDREA*, LEAH LARKIN, AND BERYL B. SIMPSON. [S]
  62. Chloroplast DNA restriction site variation in North American Poa section Poa. - GILLESPIE, LYNN J.*, SAOOD OMER, AND ROBERT J. SORENG. [S]
  63. Chloroplast introns in plant systematics. - KELCHNER, SCOT A. [S]
  64. Chrysanthemums: balancing revenue and culture through novel biotechnology. - DA SILVA, JAIME A.T. [B]
  65. Cladistic analysis of Charianthus (Miconieae: Melastomataceae) using morphological and molecular characters, A. - PENNEYS, DARIN S.*, WALTER S. JUDD, NORRIS H. WILLIAMS, AND W. MARK WHITTEN. [S]
  66. Clonal propagation of Tectona philippinensis Bentham et Hooker f. ex Merrill of Family Verbenaceae. - FOLLOSCO, MINDA P. [P]
  67. Cloning and Characterization of Guanylate Kinase from Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). - LIU, XIANAN*, EL-SAYED HASSANEIN, AHMED BALHEIDIN, MOHAMED EL-DOMYATI, SHERIF EDRIS, AND WM. VANCE BAIRD. [G]
  68. Coastal Vegetation from the Middle Eocene of San Diego, California. - MYERS, JEFFREY. [F]
  69. Commelinoid monocot phylogeny revisited, using a large chloroplast data set. - GRAHAM, SEAN W.*, DONNA CHERNIAWSKY, VINCENT L. BIRON, AND HARDEEP S. RAI. [S]
  70. Community Structure and Spore Bank Dynamics in the Fossombroniineae of South-central Texas. - BRAY, JR., JAMES R., ABEL J. KINSER*, AND BARBARA J. CRANDALL-STOTLER. [L]
  71. Community-based management of invasive plants: applying social research and education to an ecological problem. - TIDWELL, LEITH* AND MARK BRUNSON. [E]
  72. Comparative allozyme and RAPD genetic studies on the endemic Borderea chouardii and on its congener B. pyrenaica (Dioscoreaceae) from the Pyrenees (North-eastern Spain). - SEGARRA, JOSE GABRIEL* AND PILAR CATALAN. [G]
  73. Comparative analysis of structure and function of spores in extant heterosporous ferns (Salviniales), A. - SCHNEIDER, HARALD*, KATHLEEN M. PRYER, AND RICHARD LUPIA. [D]
  74. Comparative anatomical study of Linanthus and related genera (Polemoniaceae), with implications for their relationships and evolution, A. - MCDILL, JOSHUA R.*, ROBERT W. PATTERSON, AND J. MARK PORTER. [D]
  75. Comparative anatomy and specialization of leaf structures in Araceae and Acoraceae. - KEATING, RICHARD C. [D-symposium]
  76. Comparative anatomy of the leaves and stems of Encelia (Asteraceae: Heliantheae). - KOUKOL, SCOTT R.* AND CURTIS CLARK. [S]
  77. Comparative and functional genomics: evolutionary implications. - SOLTIS, DOUGLAS E. [Z-symposium]
  78. Comparative seed dormancy in three Aristolochia species: A test of two hypotheses on changes in ecological requirements in plant lineages. - ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER A.*, JERRY M. BASKIN, AND CAROL C. BASKIN. [E]
  79. Comparative stem anatomy in the subfamily Cactoideae-Cactaceae. - TERRAZAS, TERESA. [D-symposium]
  80. Comparison of different molecular and morphological markers for hybrid index estimation in a natural hybrid zone, A. - GARDNER, KEITH A.*, STUART J.E. BAIRD, SHANNA E. CARNEY, AND LOREN H. RIESEBERG. [G]
  81. Comparison of gametophyte and sporophyte development in ragweed species. - MIKESELL, JAN E. [D]
  82. Comparison of seed production and germination in three distinct colonies of Lesquerella ludoviciana. - BEACH, SHANNON E.*, JANICE M. COONS, HENRY R. OWEN, BRENT L. TODD, AND MARY ANN L. SMITH. [E]
  83. Comparisons of Tubuliforidites and pollen types within Asteraceae and related families: How do you recognize Asteraceae in the fossil record? - DEVORE, MELANIE L.*, JOHN J. SKVARLA, ZAIMING ZHAO, AND ROBERT K. JANSEN. [S]
  84. Competition among floral brooding insects and reproductive success in Anaxagorea crassipetala (Annonaceae). - ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH E. [E]
  85. Computer modeling exercises enhance investigative laboratory experiences in plant biology. - RICE, STEVEN K.*, GRANT E. BROWN, AND R. PAUL WILLING. [T]
  86. Coniocybe gracilescens and Sphinctrinas with 2-celled spores. - SELVA, STEVEN B. [L]
  87. Connecting classroom concepts to the local flora: The Plant Profile Project. - NOYD, ROBERT K. [T]
  88. Conservation genetics of Microcycas calocoma, a rare cycad endemic to Cuba: preliminary data from RAPD and AFLP markers. - BOGLER, DAVID*, ALEXANDRA MARRACCINI, AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. [S]
  89. Conservation genetics of Penstemon bicolor ssp. bicolor. - WOLFE, ANDREA D.*, REBECCA REILAND, CHRISTOPHER P. RANDLE, FRANK J. SMITH, AND PAUL G. WOLF. [S]
  90. Conservators confront lichens: a summary history of conservation's efforts to understand and control lichen-induced deterioration of cultural property. - SILVER, CONSTANCE S. [L-symposium]
  91. Consolea corallicola (Cactaceae): a sexually dimorphic species with only one morph remaining? - STRITTMATTER, LARA* AND VIVIAN NEGRON-ORTIZ. [D]
  92. Constraints on the evolution of plasticity: insights from molecular marker-based linkage mapping. - WEINIG, CYNTHIA* AND JOHANNA SCHMITT. [E-symposium]
  93. Contribution of maize field weeds to a rural economy in the Valley of Toluca, Mexico. - VIEYRA-ODILON, LETICIA AND HEIKE VIBRANS.* [B]
  94. Convergence and diversity in annual members of Veronica (Scrophulariaceae). - ALBACH, DIRK C.* AND MANFRED A. FISCHER. [S]
  95. Creating a web based digital image database. - WOLF, STEVEN J. [T]
  96. Cretaceous Atlantic Coastal Plain "ericoid" complex, A. - CREPET, WILLIAM L.*, KEVIN C. NIXON, AND MARIA A. GANDOLFO. [F]
  97. Cryptic diversity in the goldfield Lasthenia californica sensu lato (Compositae: Heliantheae sensu lato). - CHAN, RAYMUND*, BRUCE G. BALDWIN, AND ROBERT ORNDUFF. [S]
  98. Cuticular features in Late Cretaceous floras from northwestern New Mexico. - BOUCHER, LISA D. [F]
  99. Cytoskeletal patterns in endosperm development of Coronopus didymus (Brassicaceae). - NGUYEN, HONG*, ROY C. BROWN, AND BETTY E. LEMMON. [D]
  100. Dating the age of angiosperms with DNA sequences of seven mitochondrial, plastid, and nuclear genes. - WHITLOCK, BARBARA A.*, JUNGHO LEE, OLENA DOMBROVSKA, FABIANA BERNASCONI-QUADRONI, AND YIN-LONG QIU. [S]
  101. Defining the sources of Paradox: DNA sequence markers for North American walnut (Juglans L.) species and hybrids. - POTTER, DANIEL*, FANGYOU GAO, SCOTT BAGGETT, JAMES R. MCKENNA, AND GALE H. MCGRANAHAN. [S]
  102. Defoliation elicits long term disappearance of clones. - MORROW, PATRICE A. AND JOEL P. OLFELT.* [E]
  103. Delimitation and subdivision of "Justicioids" (Acanthaceae, Justicieae). - MCDADE, LUCINDA A.*, THOMAS F. DANIEL, KEVIN BALKWILL, AND ALISSA M. MARTIN. [S]
  104. Desiccation-tolerant pteridophytes: A unique position in the evolution of desiccation tolerance in land plants. - OLIVER, MELVIN J.* AND BRENT D. MISHLER. [O-symposium]
  105. Detecting morphological and growth rate differences of a confusing Purshia complex using a common garden study. - BAGGS, JOANNE E.* AND JOYCE MASCHINSKI. [E]
  106. Detection of pigments in specimens of recent and subfossil Umbilicaria from north Greenland. - FAHSELT, DIANNE. [L]
  107. Development and architecture of a gondwanan representative of the late Devonian genus Pietzschia (Cladoxylopsida). - SORIA, AUDE*, BRIGITTE MEYER-BERTHAUD, AND STEPHEN E. SCHECKLER. [F]
  108. Development of the exineless pollen wall in Callitrichaceae and the evolution of underwater pollination. - OSBORN, JEFFREY M.*, GAMAL EL-GHAZALY, AND RANESSA L. COOPER. [D]
  109. Dicotyledonous woods: The fossil record. - WHEELER, ELISABETH A.* AND PIETER BAAS. [D-symposium]
  110. Differences in temperature dependence of respiration among subspecies and hybrid populations of big sagebrush: nature vs. nurture. - SMITH, BRUCE N. [P]
  111. Differential expression and functional significance of anthocyanins in relation to phasic development. - HACKETT, WESLEY P. [C-symposium]
  112. Diffuse coevolution and anthocyanin production. - ZUFALL, REBECCA AND MARK D. RAUSHER.* [C-symposium]
  113. Diploid hybrid speciation in Ceanothus: morphomolecular analysis of two putative hybrid species adn their proposed parent species. - HARDIG, T. M.*, PAMELA S. SOLTIS, DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS, AND RYAN B. HUDSON. [S]
  114. Dipsacales phylogeny: combining chloroplast sequences with morphological evidence. - PYCK, NANCY* AND ERIK SMETS. [S]
  115. Dissecting an extensive polyploid complex in Glycine subgenus Glycine (Leguminosae) using low copy nuclear genes, nuclear ribosomal genes, and chloroplast sequences. - DOYLE, JEFF J.*, JANE L. DOYLE, JASON T. RAUSCHER, REID G. PALMER, AND TONY BROWN. [S]
  116. Dissimilar patterns of genetic variation in two insular endemics with similar habitat, distribution, recent history, and species characteristics. - HALL, SUZANNE S.* AND KAIUS HELENURM. [G]
  117. Distribution of arid climates and drought-adapted pteridophytes, an introduction. - HOOPER, ELISABETH A.* AND GEORGE YATSKIEVYCH. [O-symposium]
  118. Distribution of invasive plant species in eastern oak-hickory forests of West Virginia. - HUEBNER, CYNTHIA D. [E]
  119. Diversification in the endemic Hawaiian subfam. Alsinoideae (Caryophyllaceae): evidence from nrDNA ITS, ETS sequences and morphology. - NEPOKROEFF, MOLLY*, WARREN L. WAGNER, STEVEN G. WELLER, PAMELA S. SOLTIS, ELIZABETH A. ZIMMER, ANN K. SAKAI, AND DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS. [S]
  120. Diversity of central strand structure in the Metzgeriidae. - KOBIYAMA, YUKI. [L]
  121. DNA amplified fragment length polymorphisms and the relationships of Lathyrus(Fabaceae). - BADR, ABDELFATTAH*, HANAA H. EL SHAZLY, HADDAD EL RABEY, AND LINDA E. WATSON. [S]
  122. Do anthocyanins function as osmoregulators in leaf tissues? - CHALKER-SCOTT, LINDA K. [C-symposium]
  123. Do nuclear and plastid loci in Asteraceae show substantial incongruence? A preliminary intertribal phylogenetic study of Heliantheae s. l. - SAAR, DAYLE E. AND MELVIN R. DUVALL.* [S]
  124. Does Gnetum show reaction tissue? - TOMLINSON, P.BARRY. [D]
  125. Double fertilization and diploid endosperm in basal angiosperms? - WILLIAMS, JOSEPH H. JR.* AND W. E. FRIEDMAN. [D]
  126. Double trouble: Multiple origins of polyploidy in Tarasa(Malvaceae). - TATE, JENNIFER A.* AND BERYL B. SIMPSON. [S]
  127. Dubious origins of pleurocarpous mosses: molecular evidence for the phylogenetic positions of Aulacomnium Schwägr. and Rhizogoniaceae, The. - O'BRIEN, TERRY J. [L]
  128. Early floral development in Musa velutina (Musaceae). - KIRCHOFF, BRUCE*, TAM LE, ALLYSON PREVETTE, SONJA CAUBLE, ELIZABETH SHELTON, AND KIMBERLY HAMLET. [D]
  129. Ecological and genetic diversity in Draba burkei sp. nov. (Brassicaceae), a critically imperilled taxon. - JOHNSON, MONICA L.*, DAVID A. TAIT, AND LOREEN ALLPHIN. [E]
  130. Ecological aspects of Vaccinium varingiaefolium growing in a stressed volcanic environment. - CHOESIN, DEVI N.*, SRI AMNAH S., AND H. TAUFIKURAHMAN. [E]
  131. Ecological life cycle and phenology of biomass allocation in Cryptotaenia canadensis. - HAWKINS, TRACY S.*, JERRY M. BASKIN, AND CAROL C. BASKIN. [E]
  132. Ecological life history of the facultative biennial Arabis laevigata var. laevigata (Brassicaceae). - BLOOM, THOMAS C., JERRY M. BASKIN*, AND CAROL C. BASKIN. [E]
  133. Ecology and Evolution of Orcuttieae (Poaceae): An Endangered Vernal Pool Grass. - BOYKIN, LAURA*, TIMOTHY LOWREY, AND WILLIAM POCKMAN. [S]
  134. Ecology and reproductive biology of pondberry (Lindera melissifolia [Walt.] Blume, Lauraceae), an endangered species. - DEVALL, MARGARET*, NATHAN SCHIFF, AND DOUGLAS BOYETTE. [E]
  136. Effect on pollinator behavior of a flower-color polymorphism in Viola pedata. - MOREHOUSE, SARAH AND STEVEN B. CARROLL.* [E]
  137. Effects of above-ground injury on the ability of Ailanthus altissima to effect neighbors via soil properties. - ASHLEY, NATALIE* AND GARY K. GREER. [E]
  138. Effects of burning on the anatomical structure of Corylus cornuta and Xerophyllum tenax, plants commonly used in California aboriginal basketry. - RENTZ, ERIN D.* AND ROBERT W. PATTERSON. [D]
  139. Effects of elevated CO2 on male fitness in wild radish, Raphanus saitvus. - TYLER, ANNA P.* AND DIANE L. MARSHALL. [E]
  140. Effects of increasing genetic distance on alignment of, and tree construction from, rDNA internal transcribed spacer sequences, The. - SIMMONS, MARK P.* AND JOHN V. FREUDENSTEIN. [S]
  141. Effects of leaf harvesting and browsing on the demography of Chamaedorea radicalis Mart. (Arecaceae) palms in the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve. - ENDRESS, BRYAN A. AND DAVID L. GORCHOV.* [E]
  142. Effects of light intensity, light quality, and temperature on Cheilanthes feei spore germination. - SWATZELL, LUCINDA J.*, SARAH L. NONDORF, AND MARIA PALMIERI. [O]
  143. Effects of magnesium chloride on Pinus contorta seedlings. - BUCK, MEGHAN*, ROBERT REINSVOLD, GERRY SAUNDERS, AND TERESA HINZ. [P]
  144. Effects of mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) encroachment on species diversity and composition of a mixed grass prairie, The. - CALLAHAN, PRISCILLA H.*, BRUCE HOAGLAND, AND PHILLIP T. CRAWFORD. [E]
  145. Effects of reflected light on the anatomy and photosynthesis of Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. BR. (Convolvulaceae), a tropical sand dune vine, The. - GREAVER, TARA LIN. [P]
  146. Effects of selenium accumulation in canola (Brassica napus), The. - EULISS, KATY W.* AND JEFFREY S. CARMICHAEL. [E]
  147. Effects of thidiazuron on the release of foliar embryos in Bryophyllum calycinum, The. - LARSON, TROY AND PHILIP J. VILLANI.* [D]
  148. Electron microscopy of terpenoid secreting cells of neem (Azadirachta india A.Juss.). - DAYANANDAN, P.* AND J. PONSAMUEL. [D]
  149. Emerging analysis of the evolution of fruit and seed features in the Menispermaceae, An. - WHITE, PAMELA J.* AND DENNIS W. STEVENSON. [S]
  150. Endoproteases in Sorghum bicolor (Cv. Giza 10) during germination. - MOHAMED, SALEH M. [A]
  151. Epicuticular leaf wax load on isogenic lines of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) and its contribution to water stress resistance. - LOPEZ-SANTILLAN, JOSE ALBERTO, ALFREDO J HUERTA*, AND SERGIO CASTRO-NAVA. [P]
  152. Estimating absolute rates of molecular evolution and divergence times: a penalized likelihood approach. - SANDERSON, MICHAEL J. [S]
  153. Ethnobotanical study in Tamil Nadu, India, of Phoenix humilis and Borassus flabellifer (Arecaceae), focusing on their combined use in the construction of brooms, An. - JOHNSON, SUSANNAH B. [B]
  154. Evaluation of Sceptridium dissectum (Spreng.) Lyon and S. oneidense (Gilb.) House (Ophioglossaceae) using ISSR markers: implications for Sceptrdium species circumscriptions, An. - BARKER, MICHAEL S.* AND WARREN D. HAUK. [O]
  155. Evaluation of the proposed sister group relationships of the tribe Liabeae (Compositae), An. - FUNK, V. A.* AND HYIGYUNG KIM. [S]
  156. Evidence for compound pollen cones in Paleozoic conifers. - HERNANDEZ-CASTILLO, GENARO*, GAR ROTHWELL, AND GENE MAPES. [F]
  157. Evidence for dry climate at the Eocene Mahenge site, north-central Tanzania. - JACOBS, BONNIE F.* AND PATRICK S. HERENDEEN. [F]
  158. Evolution and adaptations of pteridophytes in dry climates. - YATSKIEVYCH, GEORGE* AND ELISABETH A. HOOPER. [O-symposium]
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