Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Anthocyanins in leaves: history, phylogeny and development. - LEE, DAVID W.
  2. Differential expression and functional significance of anthocyanins in relation to phasic development. - HACKETT, WESLEY P.
  3. Diffuse coevolution and anthocyanin production. - ZUFALL, REBECCA AND MARK D. RAUSHER.*
  4. Do anthocyanins function as osmoregulators in leaf tissues? - CHALKER-SCOTT, LINDA K.
  5. Flavonoid sequestration within the vacuolar compartment: A potential role for protein:anthocyanin interactions. - WINEFIELD, CHRISTOPHER S*, KEVIN S GOULD, AND KENNITH R MARKHAM.
  6. Molecular genetics and control of anthocyanin expression. - WINKEL-SHIRLEY, BRENDA.
  7. Role of anthocyanins in photosynthesis of arctic evergreens during spring snow melt, The. - STARR, GREGORY* AND STEVEN F. OBERBAUER.
  8. Translocation of anthocyanin from the cytoplasm to vacuole. - WALBOT, VIRGINIA*, C. DEAN GOODMAN, AND SAVITA SHAH.
  9. Unified explanation for anthocyanins in leaves, A. - GOULD, KEVIN S.*, SAMUEL O. NEILL, AND THOMAS C. VOGELMANN.
  10. Why leaves turn red in autumn: The role of anthocyanins in senescing leaves of red-osier dogwood (Cornus stolonifera). - HOLBROOK, N. MICHELE, TAYLOR S. FEILD, AND DAVID W. LEE.*
  11. Why leaves turn red: The function of anthocyanins in vegetative organs. - GOULD, KEVIN S., DAVID W. LEE*, AND JAMES WALLACE.