Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. BONSER, STEPHEN P.* AND MONICA A. GEBER. - Growth form controls developmental and morphological responses to light quality in two annual plant species.
  2. PRESTON, KATHERINE A. - Plasticity in integrated phenotypes: a conceptual overview.
  3. PRESTON, KATHERINE A.* AND THEODORE G. WONG. - Plasticity in integrated phenotypes. [Symposium Abstract]
  4. SANDQUIST, DARREN. - Integrated physiological, morphological and phenological responses to drought associated with “adaptive” leaf pubescence in a desert perennial shrub.
  5. WEINIG, CYNTHIA* AND JOHANNA SCHMITT. - Constraints on the evolution of plasticity: insights from molecular marker-based linkage mapping.
  6. WINN, A. A.* AND K.S. MORIUCHI. - Integration of plastic responses of leaves and flowers to seasonal environmental variation in a perennial violet.
  7. WONG, THEODORE G. - Architectural integration of traits and plasticity in simulated plants.