This symposium is being organized to celebrate the life and influence of the late William C. Dickison, whose early death was felt by family, former students, and countless colleagues throughout the botanical community. Bill authored or co-authored more than 100 scientific papers, abstracts, and books during his career. Most notable is the posthumous publication last year of Integrative Plant Anatomy, a textbook that represents the culmination of his lifelong work in systematic, ecological, and structural botany. This text is certain to influence generations of scientists and students well into the future. In keeping with the integrative theme of his book, this symposium will cover the broad subject of using stuctural data in contemporary plant systematics. From monocots to dicots and floral morphology to molecules, the topics being presented by the participants emphasize the diversity of subjects and plant groups that Bill's closest collaborators and former students study today.

Key words: anatomy, systematics