Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. BEHNKE, H. - DIETMAR. - Sieve-element plastids and evolution of monocotyledons - with emphasis on Melanthiaceae sensu lato and Aristolochiaceae-Asaroideae, a putative dicotyledon sister group.
  2. CAMERON, KENNETH M. - On the phylogenetic position of the New Caledonian endemic families Strasbergeriaceae, Oncothecaceae, and Paracryphiaceae: a comparison of molecules and morphology.
  3. ENDRESS, PETER K. - Morphology and angiosperm systematics in the molecular era.
  4. GENSEL, PATRICIA G. - William C. Dickison's contributions to botanical science.
  5. KEATING, RICHARD C. - Comparative anatomy and specialization of leaf structures in Araceae and Acoraceae.
  6. MUSSELMAN, LYTTON JOHN. - Surface Features of Quillwort (Isoetes, Isoetaceae, Lycophyta) Microspores.
  7. RUDALL, PAULA J. - Floral morphology of Asparagales: unique structures and iterative evolutionary themes.
  8. STEVENSON, DENNIS WM.* AND KENNETH M. CAMERON. - Structural botany in systematics: A symposium in memory of William C. Dickison. [Symposium Abstract]
  9. TERRAZAS, TERESA. - Comparative stem anatomy in the subfamily Cactoideae-Cactaceae.
  10. WHEELER, ELISABETH A.* AND PIETER BAAS. - Dicotyledonous woods: The fossil record.