Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Biodeterioration of Rock Art and Issues in Site Preservation. - TRATEBAS, ALICE M.
  2. Conservators confront lichens: a summary history of conservation's efforts to understand and control lichen-induced deterioration of cultural property. - SILVER, CONSTANCE S.
  3. Impact of lithobionts on biodeterioration of desert rocks and the diversity of their microhabitat-dependant communities, The. - DANIN, AVINOAM.
  4. Lichen biodeterioration: progress and problems symposium summary. - ST. CLAIR, LARRY L.* AND M.R.D. SEAWARD.
  5. Lichen species growing on mortar and concrete in the Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. - ROSATO, VILMA GABRIELA.
  6. Lichen-mediated degradation of historic and prehistoric panels at El Morro National Mounument, New Mexico. - KNIGHT, KATHRYN B.*, LARRY L. ST. CLAIR, AND JOHN S. GARDNER.
  7. Lichens and biodeterioration of stoneworks: the Italian experience. - PIERVITTORI, ROSANNA.
  8. Lichens as subversive agents of biodeterioration. - SEAWARD, MARK R.D.
  9. Lichens on a sandstone: Do they cause damage? - CHIARI, GIACOMO.
  10. Limestone stabilization studies at a Maya site in Belize. - GINELL, WILLIAM S.* AND RAKESH KUMAR.