Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. CROZIER, BONNIE S.* AND ROBERT K. JANSEN. - Historical relationships in the American desert plant family Cactaceae.
  2. LANDRUM, VIC. - Four families and 40 million years of evolution and adaptation to xeric environments.
  3. LEWIS, LOUISE A. - Green algae of desert microbiotic crusts: Survey of North American taxa.
  4. LOWREY, TIMOTHY K. - Origins and biology of desert flora. [Symposium Abstract]
  5. MULDAVIN, ESTEBAN H. - Some floristic characteristics of the northern Chihuahuan Desert: a search for its northern boundary.
  6. VERBOOM, G. ANTHONY* AND H. PETER LINDER. - Phylogenetics of the Cape grass genus Ehrharta (Ehrharteae): evidence for diversification in a summer-arid system.