Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. BROUILLET, LUC. - Begoniaceae and the Cucurbitales: A morphological phylogenetic analysis.
  2. FORREST, LAURA L.* AND PETER M. HOLLINGSWORTH. - Phylogeny of Begonia.
  3. HUGHES, MARK*, PETER HOLLINGSWORTH, AND TONY MILLER. - Gene flow and speciation in Begonia.
  4. PLANA, VANESSA. - Morphological and molecular systematics of the Afro-Madagascan fleshy-fruited Begonia.
  5. SWENSEN, SUSAN M.* AND MARK C. TEBBITT. - ASPT Colloquium: Evolution, biogeography and systematics of Begoniaceae. [Symposium Abstract]
  6. SWENSEN, SUSAN M.*, WENDY L. CLEMENT, LAURA L. FORREST, AND MARK C. TEBBITT. - Hillebrandia sandwichensis: Evolutionary relationships and biogeography.
  7. TEBBITT, MARK C., LAURA L. FORREST, W. SCOTT HOOVER, AND SUSAN M. SWENSEN.* - Relationships of fleshy fruited Asiatic Begonia (Begoniaceae) based on ITS sequence data and restriction site mapping of PCR amplified chloroplast and mitochondrial fragments.