Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Biogeographic patterns of Antillean Lythraceae. - GRAHAM, SHIRLEY A.
  2. Biogeography and phylogeny of Caribbean plants. - MCDOWELL, TIMOTHY D.* AND PETER W. FRITSCH.
  3. Biogeography of Acacia subgenus Acacia in the Caribbean and neotropics based on ITS nrDNA sequences and cpDNA restriction site mapping. - CLARKE, H. DAVID.
  4. Biogeography of the Cuban Asteraceae. - HERRERA, PEDRO.
  5. Biogeography of the Goetzeoideae (Solanaceae). - SANTIAGO-VALENTIN, EUGENIO* AND RICHARD G. OLMSTEAD.
  6. Caribbean Bontia daphnoides and its Australian family Myoporaceae (Lamiales): evidence of an extreme dispersal event from morphological data and rpl16 intron sequences, The. - KELCHNER, SCOT A.*, JUDY G. WEST, MIKE C. CRISP, AND ROBERT J. CHINNOCK.
  7. Exostema biogeography in light of molecular phylogenies and possible polyphyly. - MCDOWELL, TIMOTHY D.
  8. Geohistory models and paleovegetation of the Caribbean region. - GRAHAM, ALAN.
  9. Historical biogeography of Antillean Styrax (Styracaceae), The. - FRITSCH, PETER W.
  10. Identifying Tertiary radiations of Fabaceae in the Greater Antilles: alternatives to cladistic vicariance analysis. - LAVIN, MATT*, MARTIN F. WOJCIECHOWSKI, ADAM RICHMAN, JAY ROTELLA, MICHAEL J. SANDERSON, AND ANGELA BEYRA MATOS.
  11. Molecular phylogenetic of Ernodea and Erithalis (Rubiaceae): Implications for Caribbean biogeography. - NEGRON-ORTIZ, VIVIAN* AND LINDA E. WATSON.
  12. Systematics and biogeography of Caribbean wild yams (Dioscoreaceae). - RAZ, LAUREN*, JACQUELINE PEREZ CAMACHO, DENNIS STEVENSON, AND KENNETH CAMERON.