Recent phylogenetic reconstruction of the Goetzeoideae using DNA sequence data from the chloroplast genome and the nuclear genome has provided evidence to understand its historical biogeography and present trends of morphological and ecological evolution. Our results demonstrate that the Greater Antillean genera Coeloneurum, Espadaea, Goetzea, and Henoonia belong to a clade that includes two basal lineages endemic to South America: Duckeodendron and Metternichia. This clade is one of the first lineage splits of the family Solanaceae. Pollen morphology shows congruence with the relationships outlined by the molecular phylogeny. The phylogeny indicates that in some lineages, there has been evolution towards xeric environments. In additon, there has been considerable morphological changes in reproductive structures and pollination syndromes between the continental lineages and the Greater Antillean lineages.

Key words: Caribbean, Goetzeoideae, Greater Antilles, Island biogeography, Phylogeny, Solanaceae