Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. BENZING, DAVID, H. - Ferns as epiphytes.
  2. CARLQUIST, SHERWIN* AND EDWARD SCHNEIDER. - SEM studies of vessels in ferns of xeric habitats.
  3. GASTONY, GERALD J.* AND GEORGE YATSKIEVYCH. - Morphological reassessment of molecular phylogenetic inferences in the xerically adapted cheilanthoid ferns (Pteridaceae: Cheilanthoideae).
  4. HOOPER, ELISABETH A.* AND GEORGE YATSKIEVYCH. - Distribution of arid climates and drought-adapted pteridophytes, an introduction.
  5. OLIVER, MELVIN J.* AND BRENT D. MISHLER. - Desiccation-tolerant pteridophytes: A unique position in the evolution of desiccation tolerance in land plants.
  6. WINDHAM, MICHAEL D.* AND CHRISTOPHER H. HAUFLER. - Apomixis in ferns: A consequence of marginal habitats and outcrossing?
  7. YATSKIEVYCH, GEORGE* AND ELISABETH A. HOOPER. - Evolution and adaptations of pteridophytes in dry climates. [Symposium Abstract]