Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. BELL, HESTER L.* AND JAMES W. O'LEARY. - Response of Sporobolus virginicus (Poaceae) to salinity.
  2. BUCK, MEGHAN*, ROBERT REINSVOLD, GERRY SAUNDERS, AND TERESA HINZ. - Effects of magnesium chloride on Pinus contorta seedlings.
  3. FOLLOSCO, MINDA P. - Clonal propagation of Tectona philippinensis Bentham et Hooker f. ex Merrill of Family Verbenaceae.
  4. GREAVER, TARA LIN. - The effects of reflected light on the anatomy and photosynthesis of Ipomoea pes-caprae (L.) R. BR. (Convolvulaceae), a tropical sand dune vine.
  5. HACKE, UWE G.* AND JOHN S. SPERRY. - The threshold for reversal of xylem embolism in Laurus nobilis.
  6. JONES, CLAYTON A. - Isotope ratio mass spectroscopy: a powerful tool for analyzing the respective contributions of environment and inheritance in plant growth. [Poster]
  7. LOPEZ-SANTILLAN, JOSE ALBERTO, ALFREDO J HUERTA*, AND SERGIO CASTRO-NAVA. - Epicuticular leaf wax load on isogenic lines of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench) and its contribution to water stress resistance. [Poster]
  8. LUTTS, S*, J P MARTINEZ, M BAJJI, AND J M KINET. - Sodium implication in the response of the halophyte species Atriplex halimus L. to various abiotic stresses.
  9. MATHESON, TAINA. - Metabolic adaptation of plants to growth season temperature and temperature range along an altitudinal gradient. [Poster]
  10. MCDERMOTT, MATTHEW AND DOUGLAS W. DARNOWSKI.* - Analysis of growth requirements of locally rare bladderworts (Utricularia spp.; Lentibulariaceae). [Poster]
  11. MOHAMED, SALEH M. - Endoproteases in Sorghum bicolor (Cv. Giza 10) during germination.
  12. NEILL, SAMUEL O.*, KEVIN S. GOULD, PAUL A. KILMARTIN, KENNETH R. MARKHAM, AND KEVIN A. MITCHELL. - Antioxidant strategies of red versus green leaves.
  13. OLSON, AARON. - Metabolic pathways of oats.
  14. RATNAYAKA, H. HARISH*, WILLIAM T. MOLIN, AND TRACY M. STERLING. - Oxidative stress tolerance in cotton and spurred anoda under competition and drought.
  15. SMITH, BRUCE N. - Differences in temperature dependence of respiration among subspecies and hybrid populations of big sagebrush: nature vs. nurture.
  16. STRAUB, PETER F. - Proline catabolism in Bradyrhizobium japonicum: Drought effects.
  17. THORHAUG, ANITRA* AND HAROLD WANLESS. - The role of hurricanes, tornados and gale force winds in seagrass distribution in subtropical and tropical nearshore waters.
  18. THORHAUG, ANITRA. - Test Plots of Seagrass Species Affecting Long-term Survival of Restored Seagrass.
  19. THYGERSON, TONYA*, BRUCE N. SMITH, D. TERRANCE BOOTH, AND LEE D. HANSEN. - Microcalorimetric studies on winterfat, Eurotia lanata, metabolism in response to temperature. [Poster]
  20. WALKER, JILLIAN LEIGH*, T. THYGERSON, BRUCE SMITH, LEE HANSEN, R. CRIDDLE, AND ROSEMARY PENDLETON. - Calorimetric Studies of Desert Soil Crust Metabolism in Response to Temperature and Water. [Poster]