Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. ARENS, N.C.*, A. THOMPSON, L. CHENG, A. FRUMES, J. HSU, J. LEE, AND S. NOSRATINIA. - A morphometric method for parataxa delimitation in Quercus of the Neogene.
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  3. BOUCHER, LISA D. - Cuticular features in Late Cretaceous floras from northwestern New Mexico.
  4. BOYCE, C. KEVIN*, ANDREW H. KNOLL, GEORGE D. CODY, MARILYN L. FOGEL, AND ROBERT M. HAZEN. - The evolution of tracheids and lignification in early land plants. [Poster]
  5. BOYCE, C. KEVIN. - The evolution of leaves and leaf development in the Paleozoic.
  6. BUECHLER, WALTER K.* AND GEORGE W. ARGUS. - Is this a willow leaf? - A review of diagnostic traits in modern Salix (Salicaceae) for use in fossil identification.
  7. CHITALEY, SHYA* AND WILMER STOWE. - Spores from within the late Devonian Lycopsid cones of Ohio, U.S.A. and from the matrix around the cones.
  8. CREPET, WILLIAM L.*, KEVIN C. NIXON, AND MARIA A. GANDOLFO. - A Cretaceous Atlantic Coastal Plain "ericoid" complex.
  9. DEVORE, MELANIE L.*, KATHLEEN B. PIGG, AND STEPHEN J. MOUTON. - Permineralized fruit with malvalean affinities from the Late Paleocene Almont Flora, North Dakota.
  10. DILLHOFF, RICHARD M.*, ESTELLA B. LEOPOLD, AND STEVEN R. MANCHESTER. - The McAbee Flora and its Relation to the Proposed Middle Eocene “Okanogan Highlands” flora of the Pacific Northwest.
  11. DOYLE, JAMES A.*, MICHAEL J. SANDERSON, AND SUSANA MAGALLON. - Integrating fossil and molecular data on the age of angiosperms: effects of fossil age constraints and rate smoothing methods.
  12. DUNN, MICHAEL T.*, GAR W. ROTHWELL, AND GENE MAPES. - Upper Mississippian ovules with characteristics of two unique morphogenera: Stephanospermum and Rhynchosperma.
  13. FIELDS, PATRICK F. - A review of the middle Miocene Mahonias of western North America and a key to their species.
  14. GANDOLFO, MARIA A.*, KEVIN C. NIXON, AND WILLIAM L. CREPET. - Fossil flowers with possible nymphaealean affinities.
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  16. HANSEN, AMANDA, L.* AND KATHLEEN, B. PIGG. - Taxodiaceous conifers from the middle Miocene Yakima Canyon flora, Washington State, USA. [Poster]
  17. HENRY, APRIL M.* AND KATHLEEN B. PIGG. - Hamamelidaceous infructescences from the Late Paleocene Almont, North Dakota flora. [Poster]
  18. HERENDEEN, PATRICK S.* AND BONNIE FINE JACOBS. - Fossil legumes from the Eocene of Tanzania.
  19. HERENDEEN, PATRICK S.* AND SCOTT WING. - Papilionoid legume fruits and leaves from the Paleocene of northwestern Wyoming.
  20. HERNANDEZ-CASTILLO, GENARO* AND RUTH A. STOCKEY. - Taxodiaceous pollen cones from the Eocene of British, Columbia, Canada.
  21. HERNANDEZ-CASTILLO, GENARO*, GAR ROTHWELL, AND GENE MAPES. - Evidence for compound pollen cones in Paleozoic conifers.
  22. JACOBS, BONNIE F.* AND PATRICK S. HERENDEEN. - Evidence for dry climate at the Eocene Mahenge site, north-central Tanzania.
  23. KLAVINS, SHARON D.*, EDITH L. TAYLOR, AND THOMAS N. TAYLOR. - Anatomy of the ovulate cupules of Umkomasia (Corystospermales) from the Triassic of Antarctica.
  24. KNAUS, M. JANE* AND SPENCER G. LUCAS. - Upper Paleozoic Floras of New Mexico.
  25. LITTLE, STEFAN A.*, RUTH A. STOCKEY, AND GRAHAM BEARD. - Angiosperm fruits and seeds from the Eocene of Vancouver Island.
  26. LUCAS, SPENCER G. - Upper Triassic megafossil plant biostratigraphy, Chinle Group, western United States.
  27. LUPIA, RICHARD. - Megaspore and fern mesofossil floras from the Aptian-Santonian (Cretaceous) of the Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plains.
  28. MANCHESTER, STEVEN R. - Leaves and fruits of Davidia (Cornales) from the Paleocene of North America.
  29. MCCLAIN, AMY M. - Acer section Palmata in the leaf fossil record.
  30. MCELWAIN, JENNIFER C. - A novel climate-independent method for estimating paleo-elevation from fossil plants.
  31. MCKOWN, ATHENA D.*, RUTH A. STOCKEY, AND CHARLES E. SCHWEGER. - A new species of Pinus, Subgenus Pinus, Subsection Contortae based on fossil cones from Ch'ijee's Bluff, Yukon Territory, Canada. [Poster]
  32. MYERS, JEFFREY. - Coastal Vegetation from the Middle Eocene of San Diego, California.
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  37. ROTHWELL, GAR W.* AND RUTH STOCKEY. - Systematic characters of ovulate Cycadeoidea/Bennettites cones from the Cretaceous of Vancouver and Hornby Islands, British Columbia, Canada.
  38. SCHECKLER, STEPHEN E.*, BRIGITTE MEYER-BERTHAUD, AND JEAN GALTIER. - Secondary phloem of the Late Devonian progymnosperm tree Archaeopteris.
  39. SMITH, SELENA Y.* AND RUTH A. STOCKEY. - Further investigations of Keratosperma allenbyensis (Araceae) from the Middle Eocene Princeton chert (Allenby Formation) of British Columbia.
  40. SMITH, UNA R. - Systematic analysis of fossil fruits placed in the eurosid II clade.
  41. SORIA, AUDE*, BRIGITTE MEYER-BERTHAUD, AND STEPHEN E. SCHECKLER. - Development and architecture of a gondwanan representative of the late Devonian genus Pietzschia (Cladoxylopsida).
  42. STOCKEY, RUTH* AND GAR W. ROTHWELL. - An ovulate Williamsonia cone from the Upper Cretaceous of western North America.
  43. STOCKEY, RUTH* AND GAR W. ROTHWELL. - Permineralized cycad seeds from the Jurassic of British Columbia, Canada.
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  45. TAYLOR, WILSON A. - Assessing the earliest putative land plant remains - Cambrian cryptospores.
  46. TCHEREPOVA, MARIA* AND KATHLEEN B. PIGG. - Permineralized Nyssa (Cornaceae) and additional endocarps of uncertain affinity from the middle Miocene Yakima Canyon flora, Washington State, USA. [Poster]
  47. TIDWELL, WILLIAM D.*, LEITH S. TIDWELL, WALT WRIGHT, AND ULRICH DERNBACH. - Tempskya sp. from Neuquén, Argentina, the first Tempskya species reported from the Southern Hemisphere. [Poster]
  48. TOMESCU, ALEXANDRU MIHAIL FLORIAN* AND GAR W. ROTHWELL. - Exploring the cladistic relationships of sphenopsids.