Permineralized axes of a new species of Tempskya is described from the Cretaceous Grupo Neuquén from northeast of Zapala, Neuquén, Argentina. The species is characterized by having only inner and outer cortices that are parenchymatous. Species of Tempskya from the Northern Hemisphere, except for T. reesidei reported from New Mexico, have three layered cortices with the outer cortex being parenchymatous, the middle sclerenchymatous, and inner either sclerenchymatous or parenchymatous or both. In T. reesidei, the inner cortex is sclerenchymatous. Tempskya specimens, first described by Stokes and Webb (1824) under the name Endogenites erosa, have been previously reported from numerous localities in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, this report of Tempskya from Argentina and, thereby the first from the Southern Hemisphere, is both very interesting and highly significant.

Key words: Argentina, Creataceous, Neuquén, Tempskya