Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. AFZAL-RAFII, ZARA AND RICHARD S. DODD.* - Population genetic structure in Pinus nigra subspecies salzmannii from southern France.
  2. AINOUCHE, LILY M.*, ALEX BAUMEL, RANDALL J. BAYER, RUSLAN KALENDAR, AND ALAN SCHULMAN. - Hybridization, speciation and genome evolution in European Spartines (Poaceae).
  3. BOGDANOVA, ELIZAVETA DMITRIEVNA*, KIRILL L'VOVICH GOSTENKO, AND KARINA KHAMIDOVNA MAKHMUDOVA. - Breeding of varieties free from gene of hybrid necrosis. [Poster]
  4. BOGDANOVA, ELIZAVETA DMITRIEVNA* AND KARINA KH. MAKHMUDOVA. - Mutations with non standard spike in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). [Poster]
  5. CALIE, P.J.*, N. SELTSAM, A.T. DENHAM, AND B.A. FORD. - Genetic diversity present in the restricted endemic Solidago shortii (Asteraceae).
  6. CANNON, CHARLES H.* AND PAUL S. MANOS. - The molecular phylogeography of Lithocarpus (Fagaceae): limited migration and ancient persistence.
  7. DODD, RICHARD S.* AND ZARA AFZAL-RAFII. - Genetic differentiation and adaptation in the mangrove Avicennia germinans L.
  8. DOYLE, JEFF J.*, RAYMOND H. MAK, JASON T. RAUSCHER, AND JULIE M. VOGEL. - The evolution of gene expression in a wild soybean polyploid complex: conventional and genomics approaches.
  9. GARCIA, MIGUEL A.*, ERICA H. NICHOLSON, AND DANIEL L. NICKRENT. - Intra-individual variation in plastid rDNA sequences from the holoparasite Cynomorium (Cynomoriaceae).
  10. GARDNER, KEITH A.*, STUART J.E. BAIRD, SHANNA E. CARNEY, AND LOREN H. RIESEBERG. - A comparison of different molecular and morphological markers for hybrid index estimation in a natural hybrid zone. [Poster]
  11. GROSS, BRIANA L.*, ANDREA E. SCHWARZBACH, AND LOREN H. RIESEBERG. - Potential multiple origins for Helianthus deserticola, a diploid hybrid species.
  12. HALL, SUZANNE S.* AND KAIUS HELENURM. - Dissimilar patterns of genetic variation in two insular endemics with similar habitat, distribution, recent history, and species characteristics.
  13. HARTER, A.V.*, ALLEN HWANG, AND LOREN H. RIESEBERG. - A microsatellite investigation into the origin(s) of cultivated sunflowers. [Poster]
  14. HAUBER, DONALD P. - Synaptonemal complex formation in diploid Tradescantia ohiensis. [Poster]
  15. HELENURM, KAIUS. - High levels of genetic polymorphism in the insular endemic herb Jepsonia malvifolia (Saxifragaceae).
  16. HERMAN, SALLIE J.* AND LINDA A. RAUBESON. - Genetic Diversity of a Rare Buttercup.
  17. KHAILENKO, NINA ALEXANDROVNA AND VLADIMIR ALEKSEEVICH KHAILENKO.* - Interspecific crossings in genetics investigations of common wheat. [Poster]
  18. KHAILENKO, NINA ALEXANDROVNA. - Male sterility at interspecific hybrids winter soft wheat at crossing it with species Triticum kiharae Dorof.et Migush. and Triticum dicoccum Shuebl.. [Poster]
  19. LEE, JUNGHO* AND J.R. MANHART. - Transition from aquatic algae to land plants - phylogenomic evidence.
  20. LEXER, CHRISTIAN*, MARK WELCH, OLIVIER RAYMOND, AND LOREN H. RIESEBERG. - Towards understanding the role of transgressive segregation in adaptation. [Poster]
  21. LIU, XIANAN*, EL-SAYED HASSANEIN, AHMED BALHEIDIN, MOHAMED EL-DOMYATI, SHERIF EDRIS, AND WM. VANCE BAIRD. - Cloning and Characterization of Guanylate Kinase from Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.). [Poster]
  22. NASSAR, JAFET M.*, J. L. HAMRICK, AND THEODORE H. FLEMING. - Outcrossing rates and correlated paternity in Venezuelan cacti with contrasting reproductive strategies.
  23. NOVAK, STEPHEN J.* AND ANGELA Y. WELFLEY. - Allozyme variation within and among populations of the introduced plant Poa bulbosa (Poaceae).
  24. NOVAK, STEPHEN J.*, JOHN K. SCOTT, AND PAUL C. QUIMBY. - Genetic diversity is low in naturalized populations of Lepidium latifolium (Brassicaceae) from southern France.
  25. PEPPER, ALAN E*, HEATHER HERRICK, AND LAURA E NORWOOD. - Evolution and population structure of Caulanthus amplexicaulis var. barbarae (Brassicaceae), a rare serpentine endemic plant.
  26. PIKE, LEE M.*, SEAN A. WHITCOMB, AND DANIEL L. NICKRENT. - A Survey of Linkage Between Nuclear 5S and 26S rDNA in Land Plants.
  27. RIESEBERG, LOREN H.* AND JOHN BURKE. - The biological reality of species: gene flow, selection, and collective evolution.
  28. SCHWARZBACH, ANDREA E.*, LISA A. DONOVAN, DAVID M. ROSENTHAL, AND LOREN H. RIESEBERG. - The role of transgressive segregation in hybrid speciation: an example from sunflowers. [Poster]
  29. SEGARRA, JOSE GABRIEL* AND PILAR CATALAN. - Comparative allozyme and RAPD genetic studies on the endemic Borderea chouardii and on its congener B. pyrenaica (Dioscoreaceae) from the Pyrenees (North-eastern Spain). [Poster]
  30. THORNTON, HANNAH E. B.*, CYNTHIA LANE, AND JAVIER FRANCISCO-ORTEGA. - Genetic variation in fragmented populations of an endangered dune plant: Implications for its conservation. [Poster]
  31. VISION, TODD J*, DANIEL G BROWN, AND STEVEN D TANKSLEY. - Ancient genome duplications in the angiosperms: lessons from Arabidopsis. [Poster]
  32. WHITKUS, RICHARD*, HAHN DOAN, VINCENT WENG, AND TIMOTHY LOWREY. - A QTL analysis of intersectional differences in Hawaiian Tetramolopium (Asteraceae).
  33. WOLF, PAUL G.*, BERNARD DOCHE, LUDOVIC GIELLY, AND PIERRE TABERLET. - Genetic structure of alpine Rhododendron across a wide range of spatial scales.