Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Antagonistic selection in complex environments: adaptive plasticity to UV vs. competition. - WEINIG, CYNTHIA* AND JOHANNA SCHMITT.
  2. Are nectar traits associated with pollination syndrome in wild tobaccos (Nicotiana, Solanaceae)? - KACZOROWSKI, RAINEE* AND TIM HOLTSFORD.
  3. Assessing the potential for genetic resistance to beech bark disease in Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. (Fagaceae). - MORRIS, ASHLEY B.
  4. Axiomatic tree biomass allocation pattern: derivation and verification, An. - NIKLAS, KARL J.* AND BRIAN J. ENQUIST.
  5. Barriers to reproductive success of tetraploid snow buttercups (Ranunculus adoneus) due to interference from diploid plants. - BAACK, ERIC J.
  6. Community-based management of invasive plants: applying social research and education to an ecological problem. - TIDWELL, LEITH* AND MARK BRUNSON.
  7. Comparative seed dormancy in three Aristolochia species: A test of two hypotheses on changes in ecological requirements in plant lineages. - ADAMS, CHRISTOPHER A.*, JERRY M. BASKIN, AND CAROL C. BASKIN.
  8. Comparison of seed production and germination in three distinct colonies of Lesquerella ludoviciana. - BEACH, SHANNON E.*, JANICE M. COONS, HENRY R. OWEN, BRENT L. TODD, AND MARY ANN L. SMITH.
  9. Competition among floral brooding insects and reproductive success in Anaxagorea crassipetala (Annonaceae). - ARMSTRONG, JOSEPH E.
  10. Defoliation elicits long term disappearance of clones. - MORROW, PATRICE A. AND JOEL P. OLFELT.*
  11. Detecting morphological and growth rate differences of a confusing Purshia complex using a common garden study. - BAGGS, JOANNE E.* AND JOYCE MASCHINSKI.
  12. Distribution of invasive plant species in eastern oak-hickory forests of West Virginia. - HUEBNER, CYNTHIA D.
  13. Ecological and genetic diversity in Draba burkei sp. nov. (Brassicaceae), a critically imperilled taxon. - JOHNSON, MONICA L.*, DAVID A. TAIT, AND LOREEN ALLPHIN.
  14. Ecological aspects of Vaccinium varingiaefolium growing in a stressed volcanic environment. - CHOESIN, DEVI N.*, SRI AMNAH S., AND H. TAUFIKURAHMAN.
  15. Ecological life cycle and phenology of biomass allocation in Cryptotaenia canadensis. - HAWKINS, TRACY S.*, JERRY M. BASKIN, AND CAROL C. BASKIN.
  16. Ecological life history of the facultative biennial Arabis laevigata var. laevigata (Brassicaceae). - BLOOM, THOMAS C., JERRY M. BASKIN*, AND CAROL C. BASKIN.
  17. Ecology and reproductive biology of pondberry (Lindera melissifolia [Walt.] Blume, Lauraceae), an endangered species. - DEVALL, MARGARET*, NATHAN SCHIFF, AND DOUGLAS BOYETTE.
  18. Effect on pollinator behavior of a flower-color polymorphism in Viola pedata. - MOREHOUSE, SARAH AND STEVEN B. CARROLL.*
  19. Effects of above-ground injury on the ability of Ailanthus altissima to effect neighbors via soil properties. - ASHLEY, NATALIE* AND GARY K. GREER.
  20. Effects of elevated CO2 on male fitness in wild radish, Raphanus saitvus. - TYLER, ANNA P.* AND DIANE L. MARSHALL.
  21. Effects of leaf harvesting and browsing on the demography of Chamaedorea radicalis Mart. (Arecaceae) palms in the El Cielo Biosphere Reserve. - ENDRESS, BRYAN A. AND DAVID L. GORCHOV.*
  22. Effects of mesquite (Prosopis glandulosa) encroachment on species diversity and composition of a mixed grass prairie, The. - CALLAHAN, PRISCILLA H.*, BRUCE HOAGLAND, AND PHILLIP T. CRAWFORD.
  23. Effects of selenium accumulation in canola (Brassica napus), The. - EULISS, KATY W.* AND JEFFREY S. CARMICHAEL.
  24. Evolution of floral specificity in a group of andrenid bees. - LARKIN, LEAH L.*, JOHN L. NEFF, AND BERYL B. SIMPSON.
  25. Evolution of myrmecophytism in west Malesian species of Macaranga (Euphorbiaceae). - DAVIES, STUART J., SHAWN K.Y. LUM*, RAYMUND CHAN, AND LUAN KENG WANG.
  26. Evolutionary Diversification of Plastic Sex Expression in Andromonoecious Solanum section Lasiocarpa. - MILLER, JILL S.* AND PAMELA K. DIGGLE.
  27. Evolutionary physiology of photosynthesis in desert-dwelling green algae. - CARDON, ZOE G*, LOUISE A LEWIS, AND DEBORAH TYSER.
  28. Fire and Florida scrub: responses of 13 endemics and postburn community shifts. - WEEKLEY, CARL W.* AND ERIC S. MENGES.
  29. Fitness of clonal genotypes of Juncus effusus L. in differing nutrient regimes. - STOVER, DANIEL B.* AND KEITH GARBUTT.
  30. Floral biology and breeding system of Jacquemontia curtissii, an endemic morning glory of south Florida pine rocklands, The. - KOPTUR, SUZANNE.
  31. Floral morphometrics and the evolution of sexual dimorphism in Lycium (Solanaceae). - MILLER, JILL S.
  32. Flowering, reproduction, and kleptoparasitism in an extreme southern disjunct population of Drosera rotundifolia. - BINGHAM, ROBIN A.* AND NANCY D. COHEN.
  33. Foliar chemistry variation in Quercus gambelii Nutt.: bottom-up cascade within a trophic system. - YARNES, CHRISTOPHER T* AND WILLIAM J BOECKLEN.
  34. Foreign mosquito survivorship in the pitcher plant Sarracenia purpurea - the role of the pitcher-plant midge Metriocnemus knabi. - PETERSEN, RAYMOND L.*, ANDREA FAUST, JACQUELINE NAGAWA, CHANDI THOMAS, AND ANNICK VILMENAY.
  35. Fragmentation in a Southern Oak-Hickory Forest: Impacts on Species Richness and Invasibility. - MEEKER, RALPH B.* AND KATHERINE C. LARSON.
  36. Functional physiology of Amborella and 'ITA' plants. - FEILD, TAYLOR* AND N. MICHELE HOLBROOK.
  37. Gas exchange behavior of old-growth conifer foliage in the Pacific Northwest. - COOPER, CLIFTON E.*, SEAN C. THOMAS, AND WILLIAM E. WINNER.
  38. Genetic effects of forest fragmentation in woodlot populations of an understory herb, Viola pubescens (Violaceae). - CULLEY, THERESA M.
  39. Genetic method to resolve gender before sexual maturity complements investigations on sex ratios in dioecious Rumex acetosa, A. - KORPELAINEN, HELENA.
  40. Genetic variation in Nolina brittoniana, an endemic of the central ridges of Florida. - DOLAN, REBECCA W.*, ERIC S. MENGES, AND REBECCA YAHR.
  41. Growth and reproduction of the nonnative Ligustrum sinense and native Forestiera ligustrina (Oleaceae): implications for invasibility of exotic shrubs. - MORRIS, LORNA L.* AND JEFFREY L. WALCK.
  42. Impact of plant architecture on selfing rate in Aquilegia coerulea (Ranunculaceae), The. - SKAGGS, DALE*, HEATHER SWEET, AND JOHANNE BRUNET.
  43. Inequality in individual plant reproductive performance. - LEVERICH, W. J.*, JESúS M. DESANTIAGO, AND PHUONG JULIE NGUYEN.
  44. Lack of pollinators limits fruit set in the exotic Lonicera japonica. - LARSON, KATHERINE C.
  45. Life-history tradeoffs and genotypic variation in the dioecious liverwort Marchantia inflexa. - RICHARDSON, CHARLES R.*, D. NICHOLAS MC LETCHIE, AND PHILIP H. CROWLEY.
  46. Making the connection: using DNA fingerprinting to link above- and below-ground plant parts in ecological studies. - LINDER, C. RANDAL*, BRIAN VANDEN HEUVEL, AND ROBERT B. JACKSON.
  47. Many To Flower, Few To Fruit: The Reproductive Biology of Hamamelis virginiana (Hamamelidaceae). - ANDERSON, GREGORY J.* AND JAMES D. HILL.
  48. Morphological plasticity in two types of Lonicera in response to light availability. - WALKER, JASON C.* AND KATHERINE C. LARSON.
  49. Nectar robbers and non-nectar robbers: Their visitation rates and their effects on seed set in Virginia Bluebells, Mertensia virginica (L.) Pers. - ENZ, JOHN.
  50. Parasitic choice of host individuals in a seemingly homogeneous environment. - ST. OMER, LUCY.
  51. Phenotypic plasticity to foliar and neutral shade in gibberellin mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana. - PIGLIUCCI, MASSIMO* AND JOHANNA SCHMITT.
  52. Phenotypic selection on sexual reproduction vs. clonal expansion in five populations of Viola blanda. - SUDLER, K. NICOLE.
  53. Photosynthetic pathways and ecology of Indian grasses. - SAMSON, N.P. AND P. DAYANANDAN.*
  54. Pollen grain deposition, pollen competition, and progeny vigor in a natural population of Clarkia unguiculata (Onagraceae). - SMITH-HUERTA, NANCY L.* AND M. BARBARA NEMETH.
  55. Pollination and reproduction of Ruellia succulenta Small in pine rockland fragments. - GEIGER, JOHN H.
  56. Pollination and reproductive ecology of three lowland tropical pitcher plants (Nepenthes). - FRAZIER, CHRISTOPHER K.* AND TIMOTHY K. LOWREY.
  57. Pollination biology of Phlox divaricata L. (Polemoniaceae): visitation, pollen threshold, and mating system in a Central Plains population. - WIGGAM-HARPER, SHELLY D.* AND CAROLYN J. FERGUSON.
  58. Population ecology of the endangered Buxus vahlii Baillon (Buxaceae). - CARRERO, GLORYVEE* AND DUANE KOLTERMAN.
  59. Quantitative analysis of wetland plant communities in south Florida Everglades, A. - RICHARDS, J.H.*, Q.J. STOBER, R.D. JONES, AND S.L. RATHBUN.
  60. Responses of hydraulic traits to light and water availability in a California chaparral shrub. - BHASKAR, RADIKA* AND DAVID ACKERLY.
  61. Role of warm plus cold stratification in promoting germination of seeds with stony endocarps: Empetrum hermaphroditum. - BASKIN, CAROL C.*, OLLE ZACKRISSON, AND JERRY M. BASKIN.
  62. Roots and rocks: how soil rockiness affects shoot and root growth, root distribution, and other root properties for two desert species, Agave deserti (Agavaceae) and Pleuraphis rigida (Poaceae). - NORTH, GRETCHEN B.*, PIERRE MARTRE, EDWARD G. BOBICH, AND PARK S. NOBEL.
  63. Seasonal changes in herbivore defense in oak leaves: results from bioassays. - RICE, STANLEY A.*, ERICA CORBETT, DIANA L. BANNISTER, JENNIFER MARBLE, IAN B. MANESS, AND JONATHAN V. EDELSON.
  64. Seed germination and seedling development of Stylisma pickeringii (Patterson bindweed), an Illinois-endangered sand prairie species. - TODD, BRENT L.*, HENRY R. OWEN, JANICE M. COONS, AND CHRISTINA J. HEISLER.
  65. Seed germination ecology of North American Heuchera species (Saxifragaceae): the eastern H. parviflora and western H. cylindrica. - WALCK, JEFFREY L.* AND SITI N. HIDAYATI.
  66. Self-Incompatibility in Ipomopsis tenuifolia (Polemoniaceae). - LADOUX, TASHA* AND ELIZABETH A. FRIAR.
  67. Sex ratios, growth rates, and survivorship of red cedar (Juniperus virginiana) on the New Jersey Piedmont from 1963-2000. - QUINN, JAMES A.* AND SCOTT J. MEINERS.
  68. Size-related changes in biomass allocation to male and female function in a wind-pollinated annual plant. - HANNAN, GARY L.
  69. Spread of herbicide resistance in Chenopodiaum album, The. - COLOSI, JOSEPH C*, JAMES J REILLY, AND WILLIAM S CURRAN.
  70. Temperature acclimation of photosynthesis in four populations of the desert shrub Encelia farinosa. - ECCLES, CHRIS* AND DARREN R. SANDQUIST.
  71. Tests for adaptive RAPD and allozyme variation in population genetic structure of wild barley, Hordeum spontaneum Koch. - VOLIS, S.*, S. MENDLINGER, AND D. WARD.
  72. Under how wide a set of conditions will nonrandom mating occur in Raphanus sativus? - SHANER, MARIEKEN G.M.* AND DIANE L. MARSHALL.
  73. Viability Analysis of a Restored Illinois Population of the Federal Threatened Pitcher's Thistle (Cirsium pitcheri). - BELL, TIMOTHY J.*, MARLIN BOWLES, JENNY MCBRIDE, KARYI HAVENS, AND PATI VITT.