Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. ALBERT, VICTOR A.* AND RICHARD W. JOBSON. - Relaxed structural constraints in Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae): a possible basis in one or few genes regulating polar auxin transport.
  2. BAKER, DAVID M. - Stipules and shoot development of Exbucklandia populnea.
  3. COOPER, RANESSA L.*, SENNAIT A. YOHANNES, AND DAVID D. CASS. - A structural study of the rare willow, Salix planifolia ssp. tyrrellii, from the Athabasca sand dunes of northern Alberta.
  4. DAYANANDAN, P.* AND J. PONSAMUEL. - Electron microscopy of terpenoid secreting cells of neem (Azadirachta india A.Juss.).
  5. DOUST, ANDREW N* AND ELIZABETH A KELLOGG. - Integrating phylogeny, developmental morphology and genetics: a case study of inflorescence evolution in the ‘bristle grass’ clade (Panicoideae; Poaceae).
  6. DUVALL, MELVIN R. - Screening a spurious synapomorphy: an ultrastructural study of “monocot” type anther wall development in Acorus L. (Acoraceae).
  7. FREUDENSTEIN, JOHN V. AND ELIZABETH M. HARRIS.* - Re-evaluating critical anther characters in Orchidaceae: a developmental anatomy approach.
  8. GHOSH, NABARUN*, A. CHATTERJEE, AND DON W. SMITH. - Albizia lebbeck Benth.: In Vitro Regeneration via Embryogenesis, Karyotypic Analysis and SEM studies.
  9. GROOT, E.P.*, S.A. NICHOL, J.A. DOYLE, AND T.L. ROST. - Phylogenetic relationships and root apical meristem organization in the dicots.
  10. GROOT, E.P., K. CHAPMAN*, AND T.L. ROST. - Root apical meristem organization is a dynamic character in dicot roots.
  11. HEALY, R.A., C.R. BRONSON, AND H.T. HORNER.* - Visualization of the extracellular matrix of the pathogenic fungus Cochliobolus heterostrophus. [Poster]
  12. HISER, KENNETH M.*, ANDREW N. DOUST, AND ELIZABETH A. KELLOGG. - Inflorescence development and phylogenetic relationships of the genus Ixophorus.
  13. HORNER, HARRY T.*, TERESA CERVANTES MARTINEZ, TED HYMOWITZ, A.H.D. BROWN, AND REID G. PALMER. - A survey of calcium oxalate crystal patterns in leaves of the genus Glycine and related taxa.
  14. HOU, GUI-CHUAN*, JEFFREY P. HILL, LAURENS H. JR. SMITH, AND BECKY A. NIELD. - Molecular genetic studies of root development in fern Ceratopteris richardii. [Poster]
  16. JANSEN, STEVEN*, PIETER BAAS, AND ERIK SMETS. - Vestured pits: a wood anatomical character with strong phylogenetic signals at high taxonomic levels.
  17. KIM, INSUN. - Greatly reduced duckweed morphology with highly effective structural organization.
  18. KIM, INSUN. - Ultrastructure and immunolocalization of the C-4 photosynthetic enzyme in cotyledons and leaves of two Salsola species.
  19. KIRCHOFF, BRUCE*, TAM LE, ALLYSON PREVETTE, SONJA CAUBLE, ELIZABETH SHELTON, AND KIMBERLY HAMLET. - Early floral development in Musa velutina (Musaceae). [Poster]
  20. KONG, HONGZHI*, ANMING LU, AND ZHIDUAN CHEN. - Floral organogenesis of Chloranthus sessilifolius K. F. Wu (Chloranthaceae) with special emphasis on the morphological nature of the androecium of Chloranthus Sw.
  21. KORN, ROBERT W. - The origin of stomatal clusters in Begonia bracteosa.
  22. LARSON, TROY AND PHILIP J. VILLANI.* - The effects of thidiazuron on the release of foliar embryos in Bryophyllum calycinum.
  23. LITT, AMY* AND VIVIAN IRISH. - The A of the ABC model: phylogeny of the AP1-like gene family.
  24. MCDILL, JOSHUA R.*, ROBERT W. PATTERSON, AND J. MARK PORTER. - A comparative anatomical study of Linanthus and related genera (Polemoniaceae), with implications for their relationships and evolution.
  25. MIKESELL, JAN E. - Comparison of gametophyte and sporophyte development in ragweed species.
  26. NGUYEN, HONG*, ROY C. BROWN, AND BETTY E. LEMMON. - Cytoskeletal patterns in endosperm development of Coronopus didymus (Brassicaceae).
  27. NIKLAS, K. J.*, F. MOLINA-FREANER, C. TINOCO-OJANGUREN, AND D. J. PAOLLILO, JR. - Biomechanics and anatomy of Pachycereus pringlei root systems.
  28. OSBORN, JEFFREY M.*, GAMAL EL-GHAZALY, AND RANESSA L. COOPER. - Development of the exineless pollen wall in Callitrichaceae and the evolution of underwater pollination.
  29. PIZZOLATO, THOMPSON D. AND MARSHALL D. SUNDBERG.* - Initiation of the vascular system in the shoot of Zea mays L (Poaceae). 1) The procambial nodal plexus.
  30. POSLUSZNY, USHER* AND JEAN, M. GERRATH. - Floral morphology and development in Rhoicissus digitata (Vitaceae). [Poster]
  31. RENTZ, ERIN D.* AND ROBERT W. PATTERSON. - Effects of burning on the anatomical structure of Corylus cornuta and Xerophyllum tenax, plants commonly used in California aboriginal basketry.
  32. ROTHWELL, GAR W.* AND RUTH STOCKEY. - Pollen tubes, contractile tissue, and pollination biology in Cycadeoidales/Bennettitales.
  33. SCHNEIDER, HARALD*, KATHLEEN M. PRYER, AND RICHARD LUPIA. - A comparative analysis of structure and function of spores in extant heterosporous ferns (Salviniales).
  34. SEAGO, JAMES L. - Root cortex development in Cyperus alternifolius.
  35. SHOCKEY, KARA M.*, HARRY T. HORNER, AND JONATHAN F. WENDEL. - Calcium oxalate crystals in the tribe Gossypieae and the genus Gossypium (cotton).
  36. SKALSKY, JEANNIE* AND MANOJ MISTRY. - Fractal analysis of leaf edges. [Poster]
  37. STRITTMATTER, LARA* AND VIVIAN NEGRON-ORTIZ. - Consolea corallicola (Cactaceae): a sexually dimorphic species with only one morph remaining? [Poster]
  38. TIAN, HUI-QIAO, TONG YUAN, AND SCOTT D. RUSSELL.* - Relationship between double fertilization and the cell cycle in male and female gametes of tobacco.
  39. TOMLINSON, P.BARRY. - Does Gnetum show reaction tissue?
  40. VOLSKAY, ALLENA R.* AND TIMOTHY P. HOLTSFORD. - Morphogenesis of Key Floral Traits in Nicotiana Section Alatae. [Poster]
  41. VON BALTHAZAR, MARIA* AND PETER K. ENDRESS. - Floral structure and phylogeny of Buxaceae.
  42. WHEAT, BRIAN P.* AND JAMES L. SEAGO. - Selected aspects of root development in a cotton variety and its genetically modified forms.
  43. WILLIAMS, JOSEPH H. JR.* AND W. E. FRIEDMAN. - Double fertilization and diploid endosperm in basal angiosperms?
  44. ZANIS, MICHAEL J.*, DOUGLAS E. SOLTIS, AND PAMELA S. SOLTIS. - Isolation and characterization of floral MADS Box genes from Nuphar and Illicium.
  45. ZARINKAMAR, FATEMEH. - Anatomical/ecological studies of rare species in Arasbaran's protected area in Iran.
  46. ZAVALETA-MANCERA, HILDA A.*, IAN SCOTT, AND THOMAS HOWARD. - Re-differentiation of senescent Nicotiana rustica chloroplasts by cytokinins treatment.