Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. ABDUL-SALIM, KOBINAH. - Biogeography of Symphonia (Clusiaceae): support for an African origin? [Poster]
  2. BAGHAI-RIDING, NINA LUCILLE. - Using Microwave Popcorn to Teach Scientific Methodology. [Poster]
  3. BAIRD, WM. VANCE*, GINGER SWIRE-CLARK, SUSANA S. NEVES, ASHLEY L. ST. JOHN, PRIYESH PATEL, LAUREN YARROW, AND KHIDIR W. HILU. - Evolution in Eleusine with emphasis on polyploid species using ITS and trnT-F sequence information. [Poster]
  4. BUCK, MEGHAN*, TERESA HINZ, GERRY SAUNDERS, AND ROBERT REINSVOLD. - Effect of magnesium chloride on Pinus contorta seedlings. [Poster]
  5. CULLEY, THERESA M.*, LISA E. WALLACE, KARLA M. GENGLER-NOWAK, AND DANIEL J. CRAWFORD. - A comparison of two methods of calculating GST, a genetic measure of population differentiation. [Poster]
  6. DEWITT, K.G.* AND T.J. AYERS. - Leaf Anatomy of Lysipomia (Campanulaceae): Response to Harsh Environmental Conditions in the High Andes. [Poster]
  7. FLORES, MYRIAM*, MARGARET F. LAND, SANDRA D. SIMONS, AND ALICE L. HEMPEL. - South Texas diabetes study: herbal product usage in a multiethnic population. [Poster]
  8. GORELICK, ROOT* AND ROY OSBORNE. - Inducing sex change and organogenesis from tissue culture in the endangered African cycad Encephalartos woodii (Cycadales, Zamiaceae). [Poster]
  9. HEJRAT, MINOO. - Researches & Experiments in Herbal Medicine. [Poster]
  10. HOCKMAN, AARON W.*, SHERI CHAVEZ, ERICKA AGUILAR, AND ROLSTON ST. HILAIRE. - Water deficit stress affects physiological, anatomical, and growth traits of Nepeta cataria L. [Poster]
  11. KUNZLI, STEPHANIE L.* AND JACK BROWN. - Gene flow between herbicide resistant canola (Brassica napus L.) and a related weed species in the Pacific Northwest. [Poster]
  12. LEE, HAE-LIM* AND KI-JOONG KIM. - Molecular phylogeny and character evolution of Jasminum (Oleaceae). [Poster]
  13. LEE, JI-YOUNG* AND JOHN L. BOWMAN. - Reticulate evolution and reduction in stamen number within Lepidium L. (Brassicaceae). [Poster]
  14. MCKOWN, ATHENA D.*, ORIANA PEGORARO, AND DAVID D. CASS. - Band plasmolysis in leaf epidermal cells of Clivia miniata (Amaryllidaceae). [Poster]
  15. MCMAHON, MICHELLE* AND LARRY HUFFORD. - Phylogeny of Amorpheae (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae) inferred from matK and ITS. [Poster]
  16. MORELLATO, L.PATRICIA C.* AND M.A. PIZO. - A new rain-operated seed dispersal mechanism in Bertolonia mosenii (Melastomataceae), a Neotropical rainforest herb. [Poster]
  17. SHER, ANNA A., DEBORAH E. GOLDBERG*, AND ARIEL NOVOPLANSKY. - Pulsed-resource gradient effects on productivity and competitive response in desert and Mediterranean grass species in Israel. [Poster]
  18. SKINNER, JOHN J.* AND MARY N. PUTERBAUGH. - An association between sex expression in the liverwort Frullania eboracensis and Bdelloid rotifers occupying lobular leaves. [Poster]
  19. SMITH II, JAMES L.*, ADOLFO E. GARCIA, AND THOMAS A. MAYER. - Reduced height and pre-mature mortality of Brassica rapa (Brassicaceae) grown in a pressurized environment. [Poster]
  20. SOSA, VICTORIA* AND MARK, W. CHASE. - Phylogeny of the Crossosomataceae based on rbcL sequence data. [Poster]
  21. SULTANA, MUNIRA. - Arsenic Terrorism : Macrophytes Are Also Terrified. [Poster]
  22. TAYLOR, ROBIN M. - The Phylogeny and Adaptive Radiation of Salvia pachyphylla (Lamiaceae). [Poster]
  23. TOMPKINS, ROBERT D.* AND JASON FARRIS. - An ecological study of Magnolia macrophylla in Gaston Co., NC. [Poster]
  24. TORKE, BENJAMIN M.* AND BARBARA A. SCHAAL. - Preliminary phylogenetic, evolutionary, and monographic investigations in Swartzia (Leguminosae). [Poster]
  25. TORRELL, MONTSERRAT AND JOAN VALLèS.* - Studies on genome evolution in the genus Artemisia L. (Asteraceae, Anthemideae, Artemisiinae). [Poster]
  26. VERA-CALETTI, PATRICIA* AND HEIKE VIBRANS. - Variation in the White Sapote (Casimiroa edulis LaLlave, Rutaceae) in Mexico. [Poster]
  27. WEEKS, ANDREA* AND BERYL B. SIMPSON. - The presence of Commiphora (Burseraceae) in the New World is confirmed. [Poster]
  28. WENGER, JONATHAN P.* AND JOHN C. LA DUKE. - Genetic structure and isolation-by-distance suggest a role for riparian corridors in the post-glacial natural history of Napaea dioica L. (Malvaceae). [Poster]
  29. YAKUBOV, BAKHTIYOR*, AVIV SHACHACK, ODED SHOSEYOV, AND AVI GOLAN-GOLDHIRSH. - Molecular cloning and characterization of the Pistacia vera dehydrin gene. [Poster]
  30. ZYATS, VASIL A.* AND PETER V. SHMARGOVICH. - The way of plant productivity improvement. [Poster]