Abstract Index, By Senior Author

Abstracts received so far:

  1. GERBER, D. TIMOTHY. - K-8 educational outreach: the TULIP project.
  2. NOYD, ROBERT K. - Connecting classroom concepts to the local flora: The Plant Profile Project.
  3. PATIL, M.S.* AND S.K. DESHPANDE. - Agriculture Education in India. [Special Paper]
  4. RICE, STANLEY A. - South with the spring: teaching evolution through budburst times of deciduous trees.
  5. RICE, STEVEN K.*, GRANT E. BROWN, AND R. PAUL WILLING. - Computer modeling exercises enhance investigative laboratory experiences in plant biology.
  6. SCHERER, JACQUELYN*, GARLAND R. UPCHURCH, JR., AND MARGARET J. KNAUS. - A laboratory exercise for teaching plant-climate relationships.
  7. THOMAS, MEGAN*, ROBERT REINSVOLD, AND GERRY SAUNDERS. - Interaction of self-efficacy and inquiry in an introductory biology laboratory.
  8. WANDERSEE, JAMES H.* AND ELISABETH E. SCHUSSLER. - Plants That Draw a Crowd: An Analysis of the Visual Characteristics of Six Unusual Plants Featured at Botanic Gardens.
  9. WOEPPEL, JAMES J. AND DAVID WINSHIP TAYLOR.* - Increasing biology undergraduates' mathematical proficiency through math/biology course using of the computer program MATLAB.
  10. WOLF, STEVEN J. - Creating a web based digital image database.