AGRICULTURE EDUCATION SYSTEM IN INDIA M.S. PATIL1 and S.K.DESHPANDE 2 Agriculture education system in India can be distinctly divided into two types (i) British system, (ii) American system. The British type followed annual education system, wherein regular lectures are being scheduled throughout the year. Annual exam carrying 100 marks in each subject would be conducted at the end of the year. Annual system faced the difficulties of compiling the whole portion taught in the final exams. Therefore an American type of Agriculture education was set up in India based on Land Grant College System. Here each academic year was subdivided into 3 trimesters of 14 weeks duration. In a trimester four exams viz., Announced quiz, Midterm, Unannounced and Final theory and Practical exams were conducted separately on every subject. The degree program was extended to four academic years each of twelve months duration. The four points scale of evaluation based on Grade System was followed with minimum 60 for passing. Further, semester system gave birth. There were two semesters in an academic year. Each semester consisted of 21 weeks and only three examinations in a semester are conducted. Besides this an external examination for 50% marks has been introduced under this system. For a B.Sc. (Agri) degree programme under Botany, Genetics, Cytogenetics, Principles of Plant Breeding and Breeding field crops are being taught with 9 credit hours in all. 1. Director of Instruction (Agri) 2. Assistant Professor of and Sr. Sorghum Breeder Genetics and Plant Breeding College of Agriculture and College of Agriculture Research Institute Bijapur-586101, India Bijapur-586101, India

Key words: British syytem, grade, trimester