Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Apogamy in Psilotum and Tmesipteris. - WHITTIER, DEAN P.
  2. Effects of light intensity, light quality, and temperature on Cheilanthes feei spore germination. - SWATZELL, LUCINDA J.*, SARAH L. NONDORF, AND MARIA PALMIERI.
  3. Evaluation of Sceptridium dissectum (Spreng.) Lyon and S. oneidense (Gilb.) House (Ophioglossaceae) using ISSR markers: implications for Sceptrdium species circumscriptions, An. - BARKER, MICHAEL S.* AND WARREN D. HAUK.
  4. History of Ozone Pollution (1850-1990) in Eastern United States Based on the Use of Osmunda cinnamomea L. Herbarium Specimens, A. - PETERSEN, RAYMOND L.* AND LISA FUNDERBURK.
  5. Integrating megaspore morphology and molecular phylogeny in Selaginella. - KORALL, PETRA* AND WILSON A. TAYLOR.
  6. Intrafamilial relationships of the thelypteroid ferns (Thelypteridaceae). - SMITH, ALAN R.* AND RAYMOND B. CRANFILL.
  7. Micropropagation and plantlet production of the endangered and endemic giant staghorn fern of the Philippines (Platycerium grande(Fee)Presl.). - AMOROSO, CECILIA BELTRAN* AND VICTOR B. AMOROSO.
  8. Molecular phylogenetics of Anogramma species and related genera (Pteridaceae: Taenitidoideae). - NAKAZATO, TAKUYA* AND GERALD J. GASTONY.
  9. Parental species of Isoetes allotetraploids, including “dead-beat” parents. - HOOT, SARA B.*, W. CARL TAYLOR, AND NANCY S. NAPIER.
  10. Pheromonal interactions among cordate gametophytes of the lady fern, Athyrium filix-femina. - GREER, GARY K.* AND DORTHY CURRY.
  11. Phylogenetic systematics and biogeography of Hawaiian Dryopteris(Dryopteridaceae). - GEIGER, JENNIFER M. O.*, TOM. A. RANKER, AND DANIEL. D. PALMER.
  12. Phylogenetic systematics of the Hawaiian endemic genus Adenophorus (Grammitidaceae). - RANKER, T. A.*, J. M. GEIGER, S. C. KENNEDY, A. R. SMITH, C. H. HAUFLER, AND B. S. PARRIS.
  13. Phylogeny of the fern genus Elaphoglossum based on two chloroplast genes. - SKOG, JUDITH E.*, JOHN T. MICKEL, ROBBIN MORAN, AND ELIZABETH A. ZIMMER.
  14. Phylogeny, character evolution, and biogeography of extant horsetails (Equisetum). - DES MARAIS, DAVID L.*, KATHLEEN M. PRYER, AND ALAN R. SMITH.
  15. Polypodium redefined: Morphology, biogeography, and DNA sequences provide clues to lineages. - HAUFLER, CHRISTOPHER H.*, ALAN R. SMITH, HARALD SCHNEIDER, TERRI HILDEBRAND, RAY CRANFILL, AND TOM A. RANKER.
  16. Presence of VA mycorrhizae in the sporophytes of Cheilanthes feei and Cheilanthes lanosa. - PALMIERI, MARIA* AND LUCINDA J. SWATZELL.
  17. Re-evaluation of the Pteridophyte Flora in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, A. - COX, PATRICIA B.
  18. Relationships among Northern Hemisphere Pteridium: Some new perspectives. - SPEER, WILLIAM D.*, ELIZABETH SHEFFIELD, AND PAUL G. WOLF.
  19. Systematics of the fern genus Hymenophyllum s.l. (Hymenophyllaceae) inferred from rbcL and rps4 nucleotide sequences and morphology. - HENNEQUIN, SABINE* AND JEAN-YVES DUBUISSON.