Platycerium grande(Fee)Presl. or giant staghorn fern is a highly prized ornamental, endemic and endangered plant of the Philippines.This study was conducted to determine the appropriate culture medium and conditions for spore germination, gametophyte, and sporophyte development of P. grande; to find out the optimum potting medium and conditions for acclimatization of the plantlets; and to mass propagate the plantlets. Spores of P. grande readily germinated 11-20 days from sowing in agar culture medium with small amount of nutrients.Plantlets arose from the prothalli 7 months from spore inoculation. When the plantlets were transferred to wire baskets and clay pots containing chopped adventitious roots of Cyathea 12 months from inoculation, they developed bigger leaves. Many of these plantlets are growing vigorously in the greenhouse of the Department of Biology,College of Arts and Sciences, Central Mindanao University, Musuan, Bukidnon, Philippines. Thus, micropropagation (spore culture) is one way of conserving and propagating the endangered and endemic P. grande.

Key words: plantlet production, Platycerium grande, spore culture