Abstract Index, By Title

Abstracts received so far:

  1. Bryophyte rehydrin trackable marker for the evolution of desiccation tolerance, A. - OLIVER, MELVIN J.*, JOHN A. WHEELER, BRENT D. MISHLER, AND JEFF VELTEN.
  2. Chemistry of Acarospora subgenus Xanthothallia (Lichenized Ascomycete, Lecanorales) in Southwestern North America, The. - SCHOENINGER, ROBIN*, THOMAS H. NASH, AND JACK A. ELIX.
  3. Community Structure and Spore Bank Dynamics in the Fossombroniineae of South-central Texas. - BRAY, JR., JAMES R., ABEL J. KINSER*, AND BARBARA J. CRANDALL-STOTLER.
  4. Coniocybe gracilescens and Sphinctrinas with 2-celled spores. - SELVA, STEVEN B.
  5. Detection of pigments in specimens of recent and subfossil Umbilicaria from north Greenland. - FAHSELT, DIANNE.
  6. Diversity of central strand structure in the Metzgeriidae. - KOBIYAMA, YUKI.
  7. Dubious origins of pleurocarpous mosses: molecular evidence for the phylogenetic positions of Aulacomnium Schwägr. and Rhizogoniaceae, The. - O'BRIEN, TERRY J.
  8. Floristic and ecological studies of bryophytes in a Southern Appalachian gorge. - NOBLE, SARAH MARIE* AND DAVID K. SMITH.
  9. Genetic differentiation among populations of the widespread lichenicolous fungus Marchandiomyces corallinus. - LAWREY, JAMES D.*, PAUL DIEDERICH, AND PAULA T. DEPRIEST.
  10. Growth and gametangial maturation in the desert moss, Syntrichia caninervis. - BONINE, MARY L.* AND LLOYD R. STARK.
  11. Growth of Lichens on Palm Trees. - SAVILLO, ISIDRO.
  12. Herbarium Databases: Creation, Maintenance and Access via the Internet. - SCHOENINGER, ROBIN*, CORINNA GRIES, AND THOMAS H. NASH.
  13. Is Buellia subalbula (Nyl.) Müll. Arg. a "Diplotomma" with one-septate ascospores? - BUNGARTZ, FRANK* AND THOMAS H. NASH III.
  14. Is Crossidium really an annual? Initial observations from the Mojave Desert. - STARK, LLOYD R.* AND CLAUDIO DELGADILLO M.
  15. Lichen communities, pollution signals, and an issue of scale. - PETERSON, ERIC B.* AND PETER NEITLICH.
  16. Lichen ecology in Yellowstone National Park. - EVERSMAN, SHARON*, CLIFFORD M. WETMORE, KATHERINE GLEW, AND JAMES P. BENNETT.
  17. Lichens of the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes of Northwestern Alaska. - DILLMAN, KAREN L.*, LINDA H. GEISER, JIM RILEY, AND GARY LAURSEN.
  18. Lichens of the ponderosa pine forests of Nebraska. - MORGAN, SARA M. AND ROBERT S. EGAN.*
  19. Model of local sex-ratio dynamics and spore production in the dioecious liverwort Marchantia inflexa, A. - MCLETCHIE, D. NICHOLAS*, GISELA GARCIA-RAMOS, AND PHILIP H. CROWLEY.
  20. Molecular identification of endophytic Xylariaceae (Ascomycota) from Jamaican species of Bazzania (Lepidoziaceae: Jungermanniopsida). - DAVIS, CHRISTINE.
  21. Morphology of the simple thalloid liverwort Jensenia Lindb. (Pallaviciniaceae). - SCHUETTE, SCOTT W.
  22. Morphometric variation and species delimitation in the Braunia exserta complex (Hedwigiaceae). - DE LUNA, EFRAIN* AND BEATRIZ BIASUSO.
  23. Multigene phylogenetic reconstruction of the family Orthotrichaceae (Bryophyta). - GOFFINET, BERNARD*, A. JONATHAN SHAW, AND SANDRA BOLES.
  24. New York Botanical Garden's American Bryophyte Catalog, The. - INDOE, KEVIN E.
  25. On the distribution, abundance, biology, and habitat of Fissidens hyalinus Wils. & Hook. - RISK, ALLEN C.
  26. Patterns of distribution for North American lichens. - BRODO, IRWIN M.
  27. Phylogenetic studies of the Rhizogoniaceae (Bryales): unravelling the origins of pleurocarpy. - BELL, NEIL E.* AND ANGELA E. NEWTON.
  28. Population structure and patterns of island radiation in the paleotropic endemic moss, Mitthyridium: insights from a rapidly evolving nuclear gene, glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (gpd). - WALL, DENNIS P.
  29. Preliminary investigation of the interaction between the liverwort Frullania eborascensis and Bdelloid rotifers. - PUTERBAUGH, MARY N.
  30. Preliminary overview of gemmae morphologies in Cavicularia densa Steph, A. - JONES, NICOLE L.*, SHARON E. BARTHOLOMEW-BEGAN, AND TATSUWO FURUKI.
  31. Rare and threatened liverworts: an overlooked area of conservation in the New Zealand botanical region. - BRAGGINS, JOHN E., JOHN J. ENGEL, MATTHEW J. VON KONRAT*, AND PETER J. DE LANGE.
  32. Revision of the genus Pleuridium (Ditrichaceae, Musci), A. - YIP, KWOK LEUNG.
  33. SEM Photo Atlas of Spore Terminology in the Fossombroniineae, An. - KRAYESKY, DAVID M. AND BARBARA J. CRANDALL-STOTLER.*
  34. Sex-specific and environment-dependent phenotypic selection on pre-adult traits in Marchantia inflexa. - FUSELIER, LINDA C.* AND D. NICHOLAS MCLETCHIE.
  35. Species separation in the Grimmia longirostris-G. pilifera (Grimmiaceae) complex in North America. - HASTINGS, ROXANNE I.* AND DONNA M. CHERNIAWSKY.
  36. Systematic inferences in Bryoxiphium based on morphological and molecular characters. - HAX, NEVA P.* AND BERNARD GOFFINET.
  37. Systematic status of Pellia X appalachiana, The. - SELF, SHERRY L.* AND BARBARA J. CRANDALL-STOTLER.
  38. Testing for sex-specific life history traits under field conditions in a dioecious liverwort. - SYDNEY, CAREY* AND D. NICHOLAS MCLETCHIE.
  39. Tour of a lichenological black-hole (Nevada). - PETERSON, ERIC B.
  40. Toward a sub-familial classification of the recircumscribed Mniaceae (Bryopsida). - COX, CYMON J.*, A. JONATHAN SHAW, AND SANDRA B. BOLES.
  41. Urban moss Bryum capillare Hedw.: cyanobacterial and agal assoicates as biogenic crusts, The. - SMAW, SHERCODA*, LAFAYETTE FREDERICK, AND RAYMOND L. PETERSEN.
  42. Using Cu/Zn ratios in lichens to determine anthropomorphic sources of copper pollution. - ST. CLAIR, SAMUEL B.*, LARRY L. ST. CLAIR, NOLAN F. MANGELSON, DARRELL J. WEBER, AND ALAN WHALON.
  43. What can molecular data tell us about species delineation in the peatmosses (Sphagnum)? - SHAW, JON.