The NYBG American Bryophyte Catalog consists of approximately 200,000 specimens of bryophytes from Canada, Greenland, and the United States. In addition to transcribing specimen label data into NYBG's electronic database, the work of this project has included editing and correcting data, extracting data for publication on the World Wide Web, updating the web interface, and imaging type specimens. The NYBG American Bryophyte Catalog web site ( provides public access to the data captured in this project. The site provides checklists to the taxa of bryophytes that occur in Canada, Greenland, and the United States, with links to the full bibliographic citation for the name (provided by Missouri Botanical Garden's MOST project ([]). Clicking on a taxon name in the checklist initiates a search for all catalog records with that name. Records can also be selected through a search screen that permits the user to specify different criteria (e.g., geography, collector, date of collection). The results of a search, whether specified through the checklist or other criteria, are displayed first in abbreviated, tabular form. Each abbreviated record links to the full record. Specimen images, where available, are accessed through the full record display.

Key words: American Bryophyte Catalog, bryophytes, liverworts, mosses, NYBG, searchable database