Abstract Fungi occurring in association with Jamaican specimens of Bazzania were identified. Using a light microscope, fungal hyphae were observed growing around and within the rhizoids of the liverworts. Fungal cultures were grown from the rhizoids following surface sterilization of the liverworts. The ITS region of nuclear ribosomal DNA was extracted, amplified and sequenced from pure cultures. BLAST searches revealed that the fungi are ascomycetes belonging to the family Xylariaceae. These samples, in conjunction with sequences obtained from GenBank, were phylogenetically analyzed to further resolve the identities of the fungi. This is the first report of endophytic Xylariaceae in liverworts, though species from the family occur as endophytes in a broad range of seed plants. Future avenues of research are discussed.

Key words: Bazzania, endophytes, liverworts, phylogenetics, Xylariaceae