Nevada has been largely ignored by lichenologists. Many other sciences have also neglected the state, considering it to be low in diversity... nothing more than a vast sagebrush monoculture. But if you leave the casinos and get off of interstate 80, you will discover something much different. The great basin ecoregion, which makes up most of Nevada, is ranked 4th in North America (north of Mexico) for richness of vascular plants. Nevada has more mountain ranges than any other state in the US, many of which rise from flat dry playas through forests to alpine peaks. As for lichens, very little is known about Nevada, but that is beginning to change. Several data sets are starting to illuminate the dark void of knowledge. Lichen diversity is greater than would be expected from the little attention the state has received. While Nevada may be a black-hole for lichen data, it is certainly not a black hole for the lichens themselves!

Key words: cryptobiotic soil crust, diversity, great basin, Lichen, Mojave, Nevada